What To Wear For Your Summer Wedding

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Summer is the time when shades of yellow and blue make the perfect color for wedding attire. It’s the season where purple and peach create a blissful color scheme, auspicious for weddings. The blend of peach and plum is another combination for summer wedding dresses. Decking up in summer is much easier than any other season. The dresses to wear to a summer wedding should be made up of light fabrics. Here are some ideas to dress up in a romantic occasion under the warmth of sun.

Best Dresses to Wear to a Summer Wedding

If you are wondering how to dress for a summer wedding, we will help you. The wedding ceremony doesn’t always revolve around what the bride wears.

Groom’s Attire

Casual attire is the best for the groom. If you are the groom, you need not put on heavy penguin suits of satin or silken tuxes. If it’s a beach wedding, a simple trouser and loose T-shirt shall look the best. Semi-formal attire like a crisp white shirt with black trousers is a good choice. The other option is to opt for casual dresses to wear to a summer wedding. Just take a peek into the local store. You will have a plethora of sultry reds and sunny yellows hanging over. These vibrant colors are a reflection of your joyous mood. However for summers, hues of ivory and pale blue is the best. Since this is a casual affair, pick up some of the latest trends of stylish pants. Feel comfortable with casual wedding dresses on summer. Your bride will love to see you in this cool look.

Bridal Wear

She is the most wooed over in the occasion and all eyes on her dress! If you are the lucky one this time, just have a quick look. Your dress must be made with some of the best summer wedding colors. Your bridal gown can be knitted with chiffon or sheath fabric. Pick shades of lavender, peach, purple, etc. If you wanna wear a glamorous look, just opt for metallic or shimmery silver shades over a strapless gown. A ballroom gown enamored with crystals and jewels accentuates the gorgeous look. If you want to go casual, floral printed embroidery like bohemian weddings is a perfect choice. Opulent fabrics with Basque waistlines are ideal dresses for a summer wedding.

Bridesmaid and Groomsmen

Bridesmaid dresses must complement bridal wear. If you are a bridesmaid, choose the color of your dress that complements the wedding theme. You can wear a gown or skirt. Frilled skirts with casual tops are cute dresses to wear to a summer wedding. Classic pleated frocks with pointed heels shall make you sizzle throughout the wedding. Deck with beautiful summer wedding flowers to look elegant. Groomsmen attire should have color scheme matching the summer wedding theme. Add a necktie, if you are wearing a semi-formal attire. You need to be careful if it’s a destination wedding. Opt for loose-fitting pants and casual shirts if it’s held on the beach. Drawstring or khaki pants with striped shirts look good. Your dress plays a significant role in the wedding ceremony. Therefore, opt for the best combination.

I hope you have liked the ideas on dresses to wear to a summer wedding. Be careful with colors and designs. Wear your makeup light and avoid bold colors because summer is the season of soft hues.