Wedding RSVP Etiquette: Tips You Should Know

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Along with the other aspects of the wedding, like the catering, invitations, decorations, etc., little RSVP notes or the wedding response cards must be prepared by following proper RSVP etiquette. RSVP notes or response cards whose initials are abbreviated from the French phrase Repondez S’il Vous Plait, meaning ‘please respond’, are send by the hosts along with the invitations, asking the guests to let them know about their intentions or plans on or before the specified date, which is usually two to four weeks before the wedding.

In earlier times, people never used RSVP cards along with the wedding invitations and the guests would respond using their own stationery, offering congratulations and whether or not they would be able to attend the wedding. However, with the ever-multiplying of communication tools and devices nowadays, it has become customary to include a response card for formal invitations and to ask the guests to RSVP either through telephone, email or cards for casual invitations. But, what should a wedding RSVP card say? Or, what is the RSVP etiquette for wedding? If these questions are lingering in your mind, then scroll down to know their answers.

Wedding Invitation RSVP Etiquette

Wedding invitations usually include a self-addressed, stamped response card that guests mail back to the host to confirm whether they will attend the wedding. It is important to make the details regarding the wedding as clear as possible to avoid any unhealthy situations afterward. Below are the wedding RSVP etiquette that will help you properly send the invitations.

Guests Names:

Spell out clearly who is invited. Hence, it is better to write the guest’s name directly on the response card as this will discourage your guest from inviting people not enlisted to your guest list. Therefore, with no extra space or name on the RSVP card, no one can justify bringing along kids or a new beau.

Time Deadline:

The RSVP deadline should be around two or three weeks before the wedding day so that you get enough time to settle count with the wedding caterers, decorators, bartenders, and other vendors. However, it is better to call your guests to know their plans when you are still waiting on a few RSVPs after the finalized date.

Necessary Details:

Ensure that you provide all necessary details like the date, time, location and information on nearby lodging for out-of-town guests. If you are planning to have a reception somewhere other than the wedding location, make sure you include this information in your RSVP card as well.

Wedding RSVP Etiquette Wording

The wedding RSVP wording mainly depends upon your taste and how formal the wedding will be. For instance, giving guests the option to ‘accept with pleasure’ or ‘decline with regret’ if it looks too stodgy and formal, you can write something like ‘is/are looking forward to dancing the night away’ or ‘will have to miss the party’ for the wedding reception. However, whichever method you choose, here are a few samples for wedding RSPV wording that may ease your task.

Sample #1

The favor of a reply is requested by August 25th

M __________________
# of guests _______
______ Yes, I / we will be attending the ceremony & reception.
______ No, but will be thinking of you.

Sample #2

The favor of a reply is requested
Please respond by
June 20th

# of guests ______

Sample #3

The favor of a reply
is requested on or before
March 6th

Name _____________________
Number attending ___________
Sorry, unable to attend _______