Wedding Guest Etiquette You Should Know

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As in any occasion or celebration, you necessarily have to consider the respective set of etiquette. The same goes when planning wedding ceremonies. In planning a wedding, the couple has to take into mind some important considerations regarding how the guests are to be invited or how to go about preparing the guest list. The invitees also need to consider etiquette relating to proper guest attire or gifts for the soon-to-be-married couple.

Few Important Wedding Guest Etiquette

Wedding Guest List Etiquette

In preparing a guest list for the marriage ceremony, consider your budget. The invitations are to be prepared as per your budget. Try to first consider your very close one’s in the list, and then make room of friends of your parents and other such people. It is a good idea to divide the guests into groups of people to whom they are directly related, such as the friends of parents, or the bride/groom, etc. This will make it easy to prepare the guest list.

If the children of the invitees are over 16 years of age, you need to put their names separately in the guest list. An important wedding guest invitation etiquette is to distribute the invitations in around four months before the wedding. If the guests are expected from another country, their invites should be sent even earlier. Considering all these factors, make two lists; one for the top priority ones and the second one for those who are to be called if the guests in the first list decline the invite.

Wedding Guest Attire Etiquette

When attending a wedding ceremony, guests should make it a point to go in the appropriate apparel. The best option for knowing which is a suitable dress for the ceremony is to refer to the wedding invitation itself, on which the expected attire would be mentioned. Common attire names are black tie, black tie optional, white tie, cocktail attire, or casual wedding guest attire. Cocktail attire is most suitable if the wedding ceremony is conducted during the daytime. If the wedding is to be held outdoors and in summer, it is better to wear light-colored apparel. Likewise, the attire you wear for the wedding depends on the venue, time of the day, wedding theme, and other aspects. If you are not sure which dress would be appropriate for the wedding, you can take the advice of a person who is closely attached to the couple. Do not wear overly fancy clothes that would make you look funny.

Wedding Guest Gift Etiquette

For guests, getting a gift for a wedding is not necessary. However, it is always better to get one along. Even if you cannot make it to the wedding, it is suggested to send a gift. This will show your well wishes and greetings to the couple. How much should the wedding gift be worth depends on how close you are to the couple. Choosing a gift that will be useful for the couple in their future life is better. But also ensure that the gift does not make a big hole in your pocket. The best way is to give away a check as a gift, as the couple can spend the amount as they want.