Wedding Gift Etiquette 101

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It is customary to celebrate joyful events in life by giving gifts. The gift-giving opportunities are abundant in a wedding from the time of engagement till the end of the reception ceremony. Choosing a gift for the happy couple should be an enjoyable experience. Whatever it may be, there are certain wedding gift etiquettes to be kept in mind when giving gifts during the wedding and pre-wedding festivities.

If you are interested in cash gifts or gift certificates, then opt for a wedding website or word of mouth. A cash gift can be presented as a check too. If it’s before the wedding, make it out to either the bride or the groom. If it’s after, make it out to “Mr. & Mrs.” Wedding gift etiquette states that guests have up to three months after the wedding to send a gift, which is generally accepted. But try to send it there by the time the couple returns from the honeymoon or soon after.

If a couple of months have passed since the wedding and no acknowledgment or thank you card has been received, according to the wedding gift etiquette, it’s acceptable to contact the bride or groom to find out if the wedding gifts were received.

Wedding gift etiquette also suggests that even if the invitation card has a note that says “No gifts please”, a thoughtful wedding gift is always appreciated. If the bride and groom are registered with a department store, it will reduce the dilemma over what type of gift to purchase because the couple has chosen the gifts they need or want. It’s perfectly acceptable to be creative and choose your own preferred gift. According to wedding gift etiquette, lifestyle gifts are ideal during reaffirmation.

Wedding Gift Etiquette For The Couple:

The big tip about wedding gift etiquette for couple is to be polite in their requests and make the guests feel that any gift will be perfectly okay. It would be advisable not to use any gifts until the wedding ceremony. It is against the wedding gift etiquette to use gifts in front of guests.

As a final note, give a gift from the heart, which is sure to be a great hit.