Wedding Flowers Idea & Arrangements For Your Spring Wedding

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No doubt spring is the most popular wedding season! Since it is the beginning of the new year, many couples like to start their married life with spring. A wedding is incomplete without floral decorations and the spring season is blessed with many beautiful flowers. Lilly, tulips, daffodils, etc. are some of the popular spring wedding flowers. These flowers are available at an economical price since it is their blooming season. Thus, choosing spring wedding flowers for your spring wedding is a smart decision. But since spring is the most popular wedding season, you need to hire a florist well in advance. Florists are very busy during this season and hence make a deal with your florist, as soon as the wedding date is fixed.

List of Spring Wedding Flowers

Spring Wedding FlowerColorsBlooming Period
AnemoneBlue, Red, Pink, WhiteJanuary to May and August to December
Bells of IrelandGreenJanuary to October
BoroniaPinkApril to May
Casablanca LilyWhiteJanuary to October
DaffodilYellowJanuary to Early May
DelphiniumWhite, BlueApril to October
HyacinthPurple, Pink and WhiteSeptember to October
LilacsViolet and WhiteMay to June
NarcissusWhiteMarch to April
PeonyPink and WhiteLate Spring to Early Summer
RanunculusWhite, Pink, Red, Orange and YellowFebruary to May
Star Gazer LilyPink and WhiteJanuary to October
Sweet PeaWhite, Pink, Red/Coral, Lavender/PurpleDecember to May
TulipWhite, Pink, Yellow, Red, and PurpleDecember to April
Wax FlowerPink, Purple and WhiteEarly Summer to Mid Summer

Spring Wedding Flowers Ideas

There are innumerable ways to include these beautiful spring wedding flowers for the decoration of the wedding venue. But first you need to take a look at the color scheme and other decorative elements in the wedding area. It is necessary that the colors of these flowers blend well with all other decorative elements so that they together give an exotic look to the arena. Next, take into consideration the peak seasons of the flowers. This will help you to buy these spring wedding flowers at an economic price. Prepare bouquets and centerpieces from these flowers and also use other decorative materials like maiden’s hair, lemon leaves, ribbons, baby’s breath, etc. Prepare beautiful centerpieces using these spring wedding flowers and place them on the tables. Also make use of candles, vases, baskets, pebbles and lots of decorative materials to enhance the beauty of these flowers.

Spring Wedding Flower Arrangements

A wrong arrangement of spring wedding flowers can ruin the wedding decorations and hence it is necessary that you creatively arrange these, so that they add charm to the wedding environment. Bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, centerpieces, ceremony flowers, reception flowers, etc. are some of the decorative items that can be prepared with these spring wedding flowers. Bouquets are must for any wedding and you will require one bouquet for the bride and others for the bridesmaids. You can even have a bouquet for the maid of honor. Whichever spring flowers you use for the bouquets, make sure they complement the color of the bride’s dress and dresses of other ladies. Corsages are also important for all the above listed ladies at the wedding. There are several ways to pin these corsages, like they can be pinned directly to the dress near the shoulder, can be worn on the wrist or can be pinned to the purses.

Now, boutonnieres are required for the groom, the best man, the bride’s father, the groom’s father, the ring bearer, and the guest-book attendant. See that you use small spring flowers for these boutonnieres so that they do not fall down. You also need to arrange flowers for the flower girl. Fill the basket of the flower girl creatively with spring wedding flowers. If you do not want to use a basket, then go for a pomander tied with cute pink ribbons. Centerpieces play a very important role in wedding decoration. You will require wedding centerpieces for guest-book tables, gift tables, buffet tables, main tables, etc. You can use a nice combination of all the spring wedding flowers to prepare elegant centerpieces.