Wedding Etiquettes: What to Wear When Attending a Wedding?

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With the evolving trend of weddings nowadays, the choice of dress to be worn by the wedding participants has turned to be a bit more complex. Weddings can come in different variations such as a formal or casual celebration. Dress codes for weddings are not identical. It depends on the kind of wedding that is being called.

Nevertheless, you must have an etiquette ruling about the kind of attire that you should use. Many will find it difficult though to decide for their dress especially if they do not know the theme of the wedding.

Wedding etiquettes are not to become a subjective “do this” and “do that”. There is no protocol that suggests that for a wedding. But then again, the importance of wedding etiquette is seen once everybody feels their belongingness to the group.

The custom is constantly practiced because it generates social interaction among wedding attendees.

It also promotes a smooth-flowing celebration. Somehow, wedding customs are accessible and easy to follow. The guideline comprises of regular courtesy and explicit policies. You wouldn’t want to be caught off-guard because you are not familiar with the rules.

Some of us might question the relevance of wedding dress codes. Isn’t it practical to wear anything convenient, sorting to an attire of pants and shirts? For a mere reason of customary, wedding participants must wear something appropriate to the occasion.

Weddings are truly special, thus it wouldn’t hurt if you put additional effort to wear something different from your usual clothing. Wedding participants must be sensible enough to the emotion of the groom and the bride. The wedding is probably the most special events in their lives; hence they want everything to be perfect and organized.

The least that you can do being a participant is to dress up appropriately to express your respect towards them. Regardless of how intimate your relationship is with the couple, always wear a dress that fits the celebration. Make sure that your attire will not ruin the tone and atmosphere of the wedding.

Wedding participants need not to worry too much about the kind of dress that they will wear. As I have stated on the earlier part of this article, couples want to make their wedding perfect and memorable. Thus, even the kind of dress that should be worn by their attendees is indicated in the wedding invitation.

Much different dress chic can be stated in an invitation. Some couples require casual attire for their wedding participants. If that is the case, make sure to clarify vague concepts directly from the couple.

Some might think that flip-flops and shorts are casual enough to be worn in a wedding celebration. Men can wear khaki pants or slack with shirt either accessorized with a tie or not. Women can settle on a blouse paired with a slacks or a skirt. Sequins, velvets, and beadings must be avoided.

Other than the casual attire, some couples might also require the wedding participants to wear cocktail attire or black tie. Remember too that being a wedding participant, you are predicted to pay the expenses of your attire.