Wedding Etiquette – Who Pays for What?

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A wedding is one of the most important events in the couple’s lives. Celebrating a wedding on a lavish scale can cost the couple and their families a large amount of money. The traditional wedding etiquette in many places was that the bride’s parents had to pay for almost all the expenses of the marriage. Many people think this is unfair and the modern wedding etiquette lays more importance on dividing the costs between the families, to avoid excessive financial burden on any one family. The new approach has been called practical and correct by many because making someone spend their entire earnings on a marriage that lasts for a short time would not be a good idea. In the next few paragraphs are suggestions and tips for wedding etiquette who pays for what.

Etiquette Regarding the Wedding Expenses

For those who wish to know the wedding etiquette and who pays for what in connection to the wedding rings, the answer is quite simple. The bride’s parents should buy the wedding ring for the groom. The wedding ring for the bride should, naturally, be bought by the groom’s parents. Since the wedding ring is important, sharing the expenses instead of asking the other party to bear all the expenses would be good wedding etiquette.

The answer for the wedding etiquette who pays for what in context to the expense of clothes worn by the bride and the groom is that, the bride’s family should ideally do this as per the opinion of wedding counselors. It would be a good idea for the bride’s parents to meet the expenses incurred in making arrangements for good food for the guests who would be attending the wedding ceremony. However, the suggestion in this regard would be that even the groom’s family contribute something towards this expense if possible. The bride’s family should ideally bear the expense for the beautiful wedding cake.

Since many weddings have a band or DJ, the wedding etiquette of who pays for what in this regard would be to share the expenses, this is because the musicians, singers or dancers who perform at such functions generally charge a lot of money which can be difficult for any single family to pay. The main conclusion is that whenever there is a very big expense on anything related to the wedding, both families should share the expenses. The families should try and pay for half of the expenses each.

The small things such as hiring a photographer or having the video shooting of the entire wedding function, can be taken care of by the family of the bride. The cost incurred on sending invitations to the guests, buying golden and silver jewelry and the wedding favors should ideally be met by the groom’s family.