Wedding Dress Ideas For Your Spring Wedding

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Spring season is ideal for weddings. Marking the end of the long gloomy winter season, spring brings with it greenery, colors and life. Planning a wedding in the spring season is much more fun too, with many people opting to organize the same in their own house gardens where beautiful tulips, daffodils and other flowers are in full bloom. Wedding dresses that are worn for a spring wedding should exhibit the same qualities as the season.

Spring Wedding Dresses Ideas

Element of Nature

Whenever we think about the spring season, the first thing that comes to our mind is lush green surroundings with lots of beautiful flowers. So, the same things can be incorporated in dresses for a spring season. The bride can go in for a full length traditional white wedding gown, which has floral prints or prints of green leaves on it. To give the dress a classy look, flowers and leaves can also be embroidered in the gown. Another way to make the dress seem inspired by nature is to have artificial flowers sewed into the dress by your designer or tailor while getting it stitched.

Layers, Lace, and Patterns

A gown which has a lacy, transparent bodice and a layered pattern below the waist looks very good in a spring wedding. A backless, full-length, white organza gown adds to the bride’s femininity and lends her a restrained sex appeal. A white off-shoulder gown with a white threadwork on it, gives the bride a vintage look. Breezy styles such as gowns with a feathered look below the waist and spaghetti straps on top, really look appealing in the spring season.

Cool Fabrics

Spring wedding dresses should be made up of sheer fabrics, such as organza, chiffon or charmeuse. Such fabrics, besides being very soft to touch, have an airy feel to them, which is ideal for the spring season. A very good idea for casual spring wedding dresses, would be to wear a knee-length white dress, instead of a full length gown, made of charmeuse fabric, which is a kind of a satin silk fabric and team it up with peep-toed high-heeled shoes for a flirty look.


If the wedding is in march or in early part of April, keeping a matching warm cardigan handy along with the spring wedding dresses makes lot of sense, since the temperatures often fluctuate during this time of the year. It becomes even more important if the wedding is planned in the night. Instead of wearing a shawl or a wrap on the wedding day, it is much better to get a matching cashmere cardigan beforehand which unlike wraps will compliment the gown and not take away attention from it.

Spring Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses

Whenever one thinks of bridesmaid dresses for a spring wedding, images of pastel-colored dresses which are worn in most such weddings come to mind. Instead of going by this popular trend, let the bridesmaid choose her own color for the wedding dress. Lime green and turquoise, are two unique colors which look good for bridesmaid dresses. Off-shouldered, full-length colored gowns with a belt or bow of contrasting bright color such as red, around the waist, make for excellent bridesmaid spring wedding dress ideas.