Tips On Prepping & Arranging An Outdoor Wedding

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Wedding is the most awaited and important event in everyone’s life. A wedding ceremony can be arranged indoors or outdoors. For several brides, an outdoor wedding is a dream of a lifetime. To make the outdoor wedding successful, you need to plan it carefully and choose the right location. You should consider the weather condition before fixing the date for an outdoor wedding ceremony.

Selection of Location for Outdoor Wedding

The location you select should be full of natural beauty, so that it requires a few decorations. You can choose from a number of stunning outdoor locations such as garden wedding, beach wedding, mountain wedding, forest wedding, cruise boat wedding or lakeside wedding. Some other outdoor wedding locations are a backyard of your or your relatives’ home, lake areas, local nature preserve, butterfly garden, parks, golf course, country club or the gardens at historical homes. If there is a possibility of rains, then you should make some extra arrangements like canopy for protection.

Preparations for Outdoor Wedding

When the wedding location is selected, you should start preparing for decorations and other accessories. Confirm the place for the bridal party to get ready for the ceremony. Also make some arrangements for the aisle runner, ceremony staging, floral services, labor, catering services, bar services, arrangement of tables and chairs, dance floor set-up, music or DJ services and clean-up after the wedding ceremony.

Unique Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Once you choose the location for outdoor wedding ceremony, you may go for its decoration using different themes. Since the outdoor locations are full of natural beauty, only a few decorations are required. You can enhance the beauty of the location by using candelabras, vines, flowers, tulle weaved around gazebo rails, floral or wooden archways, tiered floral display, aisle runner, potted flowers or pew decorations at the ends of row or chair covers or bow. You can decorate the ceremony site in such a way that it can be used for the reception ceremony too.

A great wedding arch is the major decoration for an outdoor wedding ceremony. You can go for ready-made arches or you can opt for the handmade arches. Otherwise, you can buy a simple arch and decorate it with the colorful flowers and ribbons. A special lighting is definitely a great idea for the outdoor wedding. You may use the string lights or customized wedding lanterns, which can add a unique style and a sense of serenity to the wedding location. Flower decorations are another excellent option for outdoor wedding decorations. You can use colorful flowers even for the garden wedding. If there is a small pond or fountain nearby the wedding location, then you can use various types of candles to decorate the wedding location. Floating candles along with the rose petals can add a touch of elegance to the wedding ceremony. You may go for some additional wedding decorations such as tent decorations, table centerpieces and ornaments that suit to the wedding theme.

Foods and beverages served in the outdoor wedding ceremony should suit to the wedding time. During summer, you can select food that includes fresh juicy fruits such as strawberries, pineapples, watermelon and papaya. The main course should include the seafood such as fresh lobster, oyster and meat. Try to avoid alcoholic drinks, as they can be dehydrating. Serve the guests with some refreshing beverages such as fruit punches, lemonades or iced teas.

Garden Wedding

A garden wedding is one of the most delightful types of outdoor weddings. It offers one of the most sensual and romantic locations to celebrate a very special day in your life. You can use different shades of a single color, accented with cream or white to create a striking combination. Use of delicate fabrics can offer a sense of style and elegance. Small painted terracotta pots with the seedlings can be great favors. You can decorate the large trees with colorful lights. A trellis decorated with Spanish moss, ivy and fresh flowers can be a perfect focal point for your wedding ceremony. You can use your favorite theme and name each table as Lightning Bug, Butterfly, Lady Bug, Dragonfly, etc.

With these unique outdoor wedding ideas, you can create a certain kind of charm and quality in the intimate wedding ceremony.