Tips For Selecting The Perfect Fall Wedding Invitations

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Getting the wedding invitation ready on time is an important pre-wedding task. Although wedding invitations do not have to be all that elaborate, selecting a sober wedding invitation is important. The card gives people the first insight of your wedding and a well done card always leaves the guests impressed. It leaves them waiting eagerly to attend your big day! If your wedding is in fall, what better than to incorporate a seasonal theme into your wedding. Fall wedding invitations add warmth and charm to your wedding celebration. Moreover, you get inexpensive fall wedding invitations, which do not burn a hole in your pocket.

Fall Wedding Invitation Ideas

Before selecting the design for the fall wedding invitations, one has to select the wedding theme. Pumpkins, fall leaves, pears, vineyard, etc. are lovely fall wedding themes. If you want to confine the theme to a wedding color theme, you could have deep red, burgundy, chocolate brown, cinnamon, orange, etc. which are great fall wedding colors. Fall wedding invitations should emanate an earthy feel. Moreover, there are different embellishments that you can add to your card, thereby granting your heart’s desire of having unique fall wedding invitations. Let’s have a look at some interesting fall wedding invitations.

Petal Impressed Invitations

People who are interested in making homemade fall wedding invitations can get handmade paper with petals already pressed into the paper. You can even print the wordings on transparent paper and place it above the petal paper. The card looks fantastic. The pressed flowers give a warm and fresh appeal to the card. You can then print the wedding invitation wordings on the card. Adding a sash will also give the homemade wedding invitation card a nice look.

Silk Flowers

Inserting small silk fall flowers at the top of the card will surely accentuate the theme. The tiny delicate flowers are lovely additions to the wedding invitations. To add a unique touch to the card, you can add crushed cinnamon potpourri into the envelope. This is good for those who wish to have unusual and different wedding invitations.

Fall Leaves

The vibrant hue of fall leaves is simply lovely. It gives a warm and cozy feel. Choose the type of leaf you want to have on your card. A straight leaf invitation with the leaf of the season impressed on the paper and a transparent paper with the wordings on it, will look great. Falling leaves designs are also good for fall wedding invitations. You could also have the entire card shaped like a maple leaf and have the wording printed on it.


A small satin bow at the top of the card or a ribbon spreading across the midsection of the card also adds an interesting touch to the wedding invite. You can also have a gold or transparent ribbon tied around the envelope.


Flower and leaf charms are pretty additions to wedding invites. Golden fall leaves, pumpkins and flower charms impart an interesting look to the wedding card. Include a map card along with the wedding invite or on the rear of the invitation. This will help guests locate the route to the wedding site.

Make sure you quickly decide about the fall wedding invitations and place the order well in advance. Time in hand is especially useful when certain errors occur during card printing. Rectification may take time. Also, enough time in hand allows you to peruse through different wedding card sites before placing your order, enabling you to get cheap fall wedding invitations that go easy on your budget.