Tips For Organizing and Budgeting Your Dream Wedding

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A wedding is a ceremony where two people in love unite in a common bond. Every couple has some dreams about this special day; however, they often realize that they do not have the finances to have the perfect wedding they desire. Back in the day, the bride’s parents usually provided monetary funds for their daughter’s wedding. However, in recent times, more and more couples are opting to support their own wedding plans. Though this is a great idea, many couples cannot afford a normal wedding which costs around $20,000 to $30,000. Though having a wedding is an expensive affair, with a little bit of planning, this can surely be achieved even with a low budget.

Wedding Budget Plan

  • Though you and your fiance have decided to share the expenses of the wedding, there is nothing wrong about asking your parents whether they would like to help you financially before starting to plan a wedding budget. They may agree to sponsor some part of the ceremony like the wedding gown or arranging the food, reception hall, etc., which would aid you in saving your money for other necessary things.
  • Once you have fixed the wedding budget that you could spend on the wedding, the next step would be to make a list of things you want for the wedding. This would include the venue, wedding catering, wedding gowns, decoration, wedding favors, etc. After you do this, take an estimate from various vendors as to what their rates for their services are.
  • Compare the estimates of all the vendors and choose the one that you can afford to most. Make another list of the finalized ones. If there are things that are not coming in your budget, you have to prioritize about what is really important to you. It would be best to remove things you think you can do without for your wedding. Doing adjustments in your wedding budget planning may be a little difficult for you, however, the end result would make you happier.

Plan a Wedding on a Low Budget

If you are still unsure about how to plan a low-budget wedding, here are some ideas of how you can plan one.


If you are looking for wedding halls as the venue for your wedding, chances are there that it may prove very expensive for you. To save the expenses, you can arrange the wedding at a beach, park or any other easily available outdoor locations. Also, many people hold their weddings at their own house. This can also be a good idea because you do not have to shell out any money in terms of rent.

Wedding Dress

You may have a beautiful wedding gown in your mind, but if you opt for this you may not be able to organize the grand feast that you and your fiance are planning for. However, you need not let your spirits go down due to this, because there are other ways through which you can acquire a beautiful wedding dress. Check at consignment shops where you can buy a wedding dress cheaper than its actual price. You can also rent a wedding gown or borrow it from your sister or friend. Making a wedding dress yourself would also be a great idea if you are good at sewing.

Wedding Decorations

If you are planning a wedding on a small budget, you can cut costs on decorating the wedding venue. You do not need to spend lavishly to make your venue beautiful. Choose flowers and other decorative things that match the theme of your marriage. One must remember that keeping the decoration simple would not make the place less grand; rather it would help to give an elegant effect.

Wedding Invitations

Formal wedding invitations can also prove quite expensive. Rather than opting for these expensive wedding invitations, you can opt for cheaper options. Another fabulous way of inviting guests for your wedding would be through homemade invitation cards. It may require a little bit of extra time, however, these cards would be unique and your guests would surely appreciate the effort.

These are some of the areas where you can cut down your wedding costs. Planning a low-budget wedding may seem to be a daunting task and you may think that you are compromising on certain very important things. However, remember that more than the money you spend, what really matters is what the whole affair means to you and your partner. Using a wedding budget planning would ensure that you have a wedding that would not be very expensive, but would be cherished by you and your loved one forever, and also the guests would be happy.