The All-In-One Wedding Check List

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Obviously, a lot of things need to be taken care of in the preparation of a wedding, especially a wedding on a budget. There’s a budget to set, a date to be picked, invitations to be mailed, a location to select, foods to sort through, drinks to choose from, entertainment to review, and so much more. How can anyone be expected to orchestrate a dream wedding without some wedding checklist? The answer, is they can’t!

If you wish to keep your sanity yet still put together the most beautiful, memorable wedding possible, you must use a wedding checklist. A wedding checklist will not only save you time, but it’ll also help you to avoid costly mistakes too. And as we all know, it only takes one mistake to ruin what is supposed to be one of the best days of your life.

If you don’t have a wedding plan checklist, then you can use the one listed below. It’s broken down into a suggested timeline to make things even easier for you.

Quick Note: You don’t have to follow the time constraints to the letter with this wedding checklist; they’re just suggestions. Feel free to ignore them.

6 Months Before: Checklist For Wedding

– Consider the budget (how much cash can you scrounge up?)
– Narrow down the budget and determine what you’re working with.
– Set date, time, & possible locations for the wedding & reception.
– Book locations now or wait if you’re unsure.
– Figure out how many people you want at your wedding.
– Make a rough draft of guest list (people who you’d like to invite)
– Narrow down the guest list even further to fit your wedding needs.
– Search for caterers for the wedding.
– If a caterer has been decided on, begin choosing the menu.
– Meet with the “officiater” to discuss the ceremony & options
– Invite your chosen wedding attendants.
– Pick your wedding dress, accessories, and bridesmaids dresses.
– Register for gifts.
– Begin writing your own invitations (saves money) OR order them.
– If not done, complete wedding ring selection.
– Book the photographer, musician, and/or any entertainment.

3 Months Before: Wedding Check List

– Order the flowers for the ceremony and reception.
– If decided on, book the honeymoon.
– Choose the clothing for the groom, best man, and usher.
– Check into the requirements for a wedding/marriage license.

8 Weeks Before: Checklist For Wedding

– Plan out the wedding seating arrangements.
– Put the final stamps on the menu, decorations, and beverages.
– Mail out the wedding invitations.
– Arrange the first rehearsal dinner.
– Make arrangements for wedding party transportation.
– Select gifts for the wedding party.

4 Weeks Before: Wedding Check List

– Arrange lodging for any out-of-town guests.
– Last fitting of clothing for the wedding.
– Place the order for the wedding cake you’ve chosen.

2 Weeks Before: Wedding Check List

– Make hair & make-up arrangements. (Only If Done Professionally)
– Determine the final guest list.
– Relay the final guest list to the caterer.
– Schedule one last wedding rehearsal.
– Confirm all honeymoon plans.
– Get blood tests.
– Obtain a marriage license.

The Big Day: The Wedding Day Checklist

– Ensure the officiant has been paid.
– Eat a light meal before the ceremony.
– Get ready to be married and live happily ever after!

With this wedding check list, you should be more than prepared to handle all of your wedding needs. If this can’t help you stay organized, nothing will!