Summer Wedding on a Budget: Seven Ways to Save Money on Your Summer Wedding Flowers

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When you are planning for your summer wedding, flowers are one aspect no one can afford to ignore. Sure a wonderful display of exotic flowers will zap your guests, but there are ways and means to cut down the costs if you are on a budget.

Use the Seasonal Flavor

Using seasonal flowers can lower your costs significantly, as these are likely to be available in plenty and are thus cheap. In case of a summer wedding, you are helped significantly in your efforts as summer flowers are exceptionally vibrant and colorful.

Ask Friends To Volunteer

Don’t hesitate to ask your friends to pitch in to make the arrangements. You can order the flowers online and get an amateur florist to try out his/her skill.

Use Single Flowers

You can avoid heavy overheads by cutting down on the total number of flowers you order. Single flower arrangements look nearly as good as full flower bouquets but can result in significantly lower costs.

Make A Single Flower Theme

Instead of putting a wide variety of flowers on display, go for a single or two types of flowers theme. Zinnias, Gladiolas, Roses all stand up significantly on their own to make for an outstanding arrangement. This will enable you to get bulk discounts from online vendors and also greatly reduce your packing and shipping costs.

Go Native

Besides seasonal summer wedding flowers, try to go for flowers that grow in your area. Imported flowers cost much more. Go for similar looking flowers that would give nearly the same effect.

Look Out For Special Deals

Online florists sometimes come out with great discounts on wedding flowers that you cannot resist. If you are getting a great deal, go ahead and buy the flowers, and hire a local florist for doing the arrangements. You would end up saving a packet overall.

Concentrate On The Color

Most people notice the color of the flowers rather than the exact variety (leave Orchids out of this – they are in a separate class). Thus you can go for cheaper varieties that are of the same or similar color as per your plans.

Following some or all of the above options will greatly reduce the cost of your summer wedding flowers and help you stick to your budget.