Summer Flowers: A Must for a Romantic Wedding

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When it comes to seasonal flowers, perhaps the best range of all is available in summer flowers. Summer is the season where varied types of flowers are seen with amazingly different types of texture, color and shapes. No wonder then that summer flowers are the favorite for most wedding decorators. After all, these lovely blooms really suit the wedding decor with their rich color schemes and tantalizing aroma.

When it comes to the bouquet and overall arrangements, summer flowers stand out as unique and different from others due to the rich blend for which they are famous. There are many ways of using these floral magicians that cost peanuts compared to the joy they bring to the beholder. These include the traditional methods as well as the modern ones which keep on changing with current trends.

The natural aroma emerging from the summer flowers is also fabulous. It greatly adds to making the entire wedding scene passionate and romantic in every sense. White and pink colors are the highly picked favorites as they have a special bond with the wedding occasion to make the event a memorable one.

Among the large variety available, the most preferred summer flowers include the perennially popular ones – the roses, gerberas and the lilies. The beauty, color and the smell of these make them the all time favorites. Also, a wedding theme with roses and lilies blends well with the costumes of the bride as well as the maid of honors. For that matter, even the curtains and other decorative items can be touched up with the perfect combination of summer flowers.

Celosia with its delicate and soft velvety nature gives a lovely and subtle touch when used in bouquets. Nigella is another very common summer flower used in bequests and weddings. The feathery look of the flower bestows a unique and special look on them.

Summer flowers as a whole make the decor of the wedding perfect, adding up to the joy of the couple getting married.