Simple Outdoor Wedding Ideas On A Budget

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If you envisioned a fairy tale wedding as a child, chances are, you’ll probably go for an outdoor wedding as an adult. Outdoor weddings are a perfect blend of tradition and romance. Moreover, they are very convenient, and often affordable to organize. There are hundreds of ways in which you can conduct your outdoor wedding ceremony. However, outdoor weddings have certain pitfalls, and if you miss out some important details while planning your weddings, you would be in for a major fiasco. Hence, we are offering some simple outdoor wedding ideas on a budget for you to consider.

Simple Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Plan Ahead of Time

Planning is the keyword when it comes to organizing outdoor weddings. Location is the first factor that you need to consider, since other wedding preparations will be dependent upon it. If you plan to marry in a publicly owned space, you will have to obtain necessary permits. Apply for the permit well before time, so as to avoid hunting for a new location, if there is a delay.

Hunt for a Location

Number of guests attending the wedding and the likely weather on your wedding day, are the two main things that will influence the choice of a location. Parks, private backyards, historical places, golf courses, lakes and beaches all make for scenic outdoor wedding venues. Do not choose a location that is too close to a street else you will have a lot of onlookers and intruders. A secluded spot where your guests can comfortably enjoy themselves should be your first priority while choosing a location.

Have a Backup Plan Ready

Outdoor weddings are at the mercy of the weather, hence you should always have a backup plan to move your wedding ceremony to an enclosed space, should the skies open up. Even if the weather reports forecast a clear sky, it would still make sense to arrange for a tent or a gazebo to accommodate your guests. Also, make sure the enclosed space is not too far from the main outdoor venue.

Decide Your Wedding Hour

Decide an appropriate wedding hour according to the weather and season. Morning weddings are not a good option if you plan to get married in lawn or grass, since the dew will make it uncomfortable to move around. Afternoon weddings may not be a viable option in case your wedding falls on a sunny day. The heat and humidity will make it impossible for your guests to enjoy the ceremony. Evening weddings are a good option, except on chilly days. In any case, consider the position of sun at your wedding hour and make sure it is not right in front of the seating arrangement.

Food and Drinks

You need not go for an extravagant menu, since outdoor weddings often dictate a simple and casual food affair. Outdoor barbecues are a great option for summer weddings. Avoid foods that need to be served cold or that are likely to melt. Go for fondant icing cake instead of butter cream which runs down due to heat and humidity. Arrange for lots of icy cool beverages to keep your guests refreshed. Lemonades, ice teas, sangria, mojitos or mint juleps will prevent your guests from becoming dehydrated.

Inform Your Guests

Inform your guests regarding the location, the kind of weather you expect and the hour of the wedding, so that they can choose an outdoor wedding dress accordingly. Avoid insisting on formal attire for outdoor weddings, since most of your guests would like to come in comfortable clothes.

Other Arrangements

Since, outdoor wedding locations lack most of the infrastructure, you will have to arrange for everything from scratch. Rent large electric fans along with generator backup if yours is an afternoon or summer wedding. Keeping bottles of sunscreen and paper fans handy is one the most useful outdoor wedding ideas for summer weddings. If you are planning for an evening wedding, make sure the place is well lit and you have bug sprays around to combat the problem of insects and bugs. Make sure there is a sound system so that your guests can hear the wedding vows over the whistling winds or roaring waves. Also arrange for an aisle, a floral archway, pew decorations at the venue.

A really smart and potentially important outdoor wedding idea can be to keep your decor at a minimum. Do not compete with nature to beautify your wedding venue. After all, balloons and artificial flowers can hardly stand up to the enthralling beauty of lush green lawns or fresh blooms or the silver sand.