Second Wedding Etiquette 101

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The number of divorces is certainly on a rise in all parts of the world. Due to this, many people are opting to marry again. However, there are many myths regarding second marriages, and people planning to remarry should be aware of them and also the facts. The biggest myth is that second marriages should not be done lavishly and very few people should be invited for the same. One should note that this is not true and how a marriage should be organized depends entirely on the mood and thoughts of the couple getting married. Knowing second-wedding etiquette will help you understand these things quite well. In the next paragraph, let us discuss the second wedding invitation etiquette.

Second Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Following the second wedding invitation etiquette is essential to organize your second wedding systematically. Talking about your second wedding with your children (if any) will be your most important duty. It would be best if you informed them about your decision to remarry immediately so that your children are mentally prepared for the changes that will follow after your marriage. The challenge before you would be to convince your children about your decision.

The second wedding etiquette suggests that you should send invitations to all those people who you wish to invite well in advance by sending an attractive ready made or self prepared invitation cards. Inviting your guests by calling them or sending an e-mail would also be a fine idea. You should give the invitation cards by personally visiting guests who are very close to you. As far as possible, avoid inviting those people whose presence can make you uncomfortable at the wedding ceremony.

Second Wedding Dress Etiquette

Following the second wedding dress etiquette can make you look fabulous in your wedding. Men who are marrying for the second time can wear formal clothes while women can wear designer dresses available in the market. A white full shirt, black trousers, a red tie, and a a black blazer would be men’s ideal dress code. You can also have the clothes temporarily and return them after the marriage ceremony. But, ensure that the clothes you wear differ from what you wore in your first marriage. This is because you would not like to recall those past incidents and would love to see yourself in a new look when you look at the wedding photographs.

Second Wedding Gift Etiquette

The ideal second wedding gift etiquette would be to accept gifts from your guests even if you do not want them. Refusing gifts might be termed as arrogance by some guests. So, it would be better to play safe in this regard and avoid any misunderstandings from happening. Vouchers of restaurants and holiday homes, electronic items, greeting cards and gift baskets can be ideal for second marriages. Giving your guests a return gift or wedding favors would be a nice idea. A beautiful painting, a photo album or story books can be ideal wedding favors.

    Second wedding reception etiquette says that the reception should be in a luxurious hotel with everyone you love and respect. You can also invite those whom you didn’t invite for your wedding for the reception party. Make arrangements for good food, entertainment and fun for your guests. Following these second wedding etiquette can make your wedding day the most special one in your life. All the best!