Saving While Having Your Dream Wedding: It’s Possible!

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You can have the wedding of your dreams and save money. Here are some real ways to save money on your wedding costs.

Planning a wedding does not necessarily mean that you and your family must spend a lot of money on it. All that is needed is some discipline and compliance with the budget.

First, list all the things “required” for the wedding. Then discuss with your partner the five most important things on the list. This is where you will allocate more of the budget. Identifying the five most important things before planning the wedding will allow you to control which are more important than those minor details.

You might decide not to get a wedding planner, but don’t rule them out. It might be helpful to have someone very familiar with the process including finding cheap but good finds for the wedding essentials and help you stick to the budget.

Another way to save is to schedule your wedding during the off-season. Aside from the months of May until August, many wedding venues will lower their price during the slower months to cater an event during the off-season. Try asking for their price list for the year and looking for possible dates.

Another great way to save on your wedding is to have a destination wedding. There are lots of places and resorts that offer special packages for weddings held at their place. Not only do they have good settings and locations, they are also all-inclusive. The place can also be the location for your honeymoon right after the wedding.

Next, keep your eyes open for off-the-rack sales for your wedding dress. You can also opt for your mother or grandmother’s wedding dress; have it tailored to update the look and the fit. The internet is also a vast place for different styles of dresses. You can buy online or have a wedding dress copied by your local seamstress. Anyway, it’s only going to be worn once.

This may be the hardest part but cutting down the guest list can help you stick to the budget. There are a few instances where only the closest relatives and guests are present at the ceremony and reception but later have an informal celebration with the other guests the following day. Whatever you think of is fine, although, this part of the planning would take a lot of discipline.

A three-course meal might be off the budget, however, buffets are a good way to satisfy your guests at the same time save a lot of money from it. Another option is to cater the reception by your whole family or hold a dessert-only reception.

Lastly, do the preparations yourself. Doing so will show you how much less it costs you than your actual budget. There are also easy tasks, such as decorating your wedding venue or making invitations. You can get many tips and ideas on wedding preparations on the Internet.