Rehearsal Dinner Etiquette – Who’s Invited?

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If you are thinking of tying the knot, well, go ahead! However, before you think of how and when to do that, perhaps you should sit back and think about the whole event’s minute details! The rehearsal dinner, the d-day, the venue and umpteen more things which need to be taken care of. Talking about rehearsal dinner, it is a very important affair which happens a day before the wedding and is almost customary and mandatory. As the name suggests, it is a rehearsal before the actual wedding, to help get the bride and groom into that mode. One of the major issues about a rehearsal dinner encountered by the couple is rehearsal dinner etiquette – who is invited. Let us see what do we have here about that.

Etiquette for Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

Is it necessary at all to invite guests for the rehearsal dinner?

Well, there have to be some guests, right? Otherwise, what is the whole purpose? So, a minimum number of guests have to be invited. Traditionally, taken care of by the groom’s family, rehearsal dinner guest invitations usually are within the immediate family and some significant others. It is the bride and groom’s wish about whom to invite, eventually, as far as wedding etiquette is concerned.

What about the Invitations?

This depends totally on the number of guests on the invitation list. Formality can vary, but invitations have to be given. Email are fine, but if the couple wants to make it personal, they can have handwritten wedding invitation notes for the attendees. Consequently, RSVPs have to be anticipated and taken care of.

Who is invited?

A question encountered by those involved in the wedding is who is invited to the rehearsal dinner? The answer to this very tricky question is that the immediate family of the bride and groom, including parents, grandparents and siblings, must be at the rehearsal dinner. I think that goes without saying. In addition to that, a few very close friends of both the bride and groom who are going to be a part of the wedding party are invited. Further, the wedding officiant and his or her spouse must be there, along with an active participant in the whole affair like a pianist or a church organist. In case of the parents, if the situation is complicated, like there is a divorce or something, it is apt in the rehearsal dinner etiquette to invite parents who are actively involved in the event. They can bring along their current spouses.

Dealing with Out of Town Guests

Another issue is that is it necessary to invite guests who are not in the same town. The simple solution to this query is that out of town guests need not be invited. In situations whereas formality, you have to invite someone out of town, but it would not be much of a dampener if the guest or guests invited don’t come, there is a trick. Send the invitation with such a timing that even if they want to come, they would not be able to, at the eleventh hour! You don’t feel bad for not inviting them as well as make sure that they cannot come! It doesn’t sound kind, but sometimes you need to do these things. Although, this formality and courteousness has to be shown with regards to rehearsal dinner etiquette, who is invited.

It is the Bride and Groom’s Take

Even if the above points are considered in rehearsal dinner etiquette invitations, ultimately, the bride and groom have to take the call as to whom to invite and all the issues regarding the invitations. At the same time, it is preferable if the couple is not hasty in preparing the list of invitees. Showing courteousness towards slightly irritating guests also has to be done sometimes.

Last but not least, all is well that ends well. If the guests are happy and the couple is satisfied that everyone who are most important in their lives are there on that super important day, the purpose is served! The problem of rehearsal dinner etiquette, who is invited would be amicably solved then! Read more on rehearsal dinner invitations.