Rehearsal Dinner Etiquette 101

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When your wedding is right around the corner, there are several emotions that you’re experiencing at the same time. Of course there’s nervous excitement about starting your life together and anxiety about the responsibilities that’ll follow. Plus the overwhelming responsibility of actually planning and hosting a wedding. Add to that the pre-functions of the wedding – the rehearsal dinner. In all this whirlpool of activity and emotions swarming through your mind, you might not have had the time to look into the rehearsal dinner etiquette to be followed.

A rehearsal dinner is just as important as your wedding ‘coz it prepares you for how the wedding will be, and if there are any problems, you’ll learn about them at the rehearsal dinner itself – so your big day will unveil with minimum hitches. It is also a time you spend with your loved ones before entering your new world. That is why you must plan the rehearsal dinner well. But there’s no need to panic if you haven’t given rehearsal dinner etiquette any thought. Just read the following article to find out all about rehearsal dinner etiquette.

Rehearsal Dinner Etiquette – Invitations

Some people choose to send invites to the rehearsal dinner instead of inviting their guests over the phone. Invitations are one of the most important things regarding rehearsal dinner etiquette, just like wedding cards. Here are some important points you can keep in mind when following the right rehearsal dinner etiquette for invitations.

  • Theme – There are several themes that you can choose from. Make sure that the card you choose compliments the mood of the dinner party. Is it a formal dinner or a casual one? Choose a card that compliments the setting.
  • Invitations – Send the rehearsal dinner invitation along with the wedding card or at an earlier date. Preferably 3 weeks before the actual day.
  • Guests – The immediate family of the bride and groom, plus guests have to be invited. Along with that, other close friends and relatives also should be sent an invitation.

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Etiquette – Ideas

These are some of the ideas you need to remember when hosting a rehearsal dinner.

  • Technically, the groom’s parents are supposed to host the party. But if the couple wants to host it as a gesture of gratitude for family and friends, it needs to be specifically told and permission sought from the parents.
  • Rehearsal dinner etiquette demands that the dinner be held on the eve of the wedding. This way all the relatives who’ve been invited for the wedding can come. It is considered rude to exclude some guests by holding the dinner way in advance of the wedding.
  • Invite the immediate family of both, the bride and groom.
  • The preacher who will be officiating the ceremony should also be invited.
  • Keep the rehearsal dinner light. It is a time that is meant for relaxation and interaction of the families of the bride and groom
  • The budget of the rehearsal dinner should be in the same lines as that of the wedding. If the wedding is a very expensive one, then the rehearsal dinner etiquette demands that the dinner be tastefully done.
  • The venue of the rehearsal dinner depends on what kind of a dinner you want to host. Many people prefer to host a small party at their homes these days. Others prefer to hire a hall or a restaurant. Go with what suits you best according to the budget and theme.
  • Another important pointer of rehearsal dinner etiquette is that the dinner should wind up early so that the guests can get their rest before hectic next day.
  • The rehearsal dinner etiquette toasts maybe given by the guests to the bride and groom. The groom should rise for the occasion.
  • The groom also gives the rehearsal dinner etiquette toast and is dedicated to all the people who have helped plan the wedding.
  • A special mention of the bride and groom’s parents is mandatory to thank them for their love and support.
  • There is another rehearsal dinner etiquette – gifts. Rehearsal dinner etiquette demands that the bridal party be given their thank-you gifts at the rehearsal dinner.
  • Along with that, some couples choose to have return gifts given to the guests. It depends on the bride and groom what they want to do, as this is not a compulsion.