Planning a Wedding on a Small Budget – Easy Ways to Lower Costs

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Planning a wedding on a small budget does not have to be a nightmare. In fact, with the right information (such as these 4 money-saving techniques) and a little patience, you can create the perfect wedding on practically any budget.

Trying to bring down costs when planning a wedding on a small budget doesn’t have to be difficult. It can be easily done with a little advanced preparation, some money-saving tips, and the right amount of patience. To help you achieve this goal of planning a wedding on a small budget, several tips & techniques to save money have been listed below.

1. No Wedding Planners

Although they are more skilled in planning weddings, you can literally do all the tasks they charge you for. Rather than hundreds or thousands of dollars, you have to give up more of your patience and time.

2. Cheap Decorations

Stick with using cheap wedding accessories as decorations. Theme-colored items – such as balloons, ribbons, raffia, candles, pictures, fruit bowls, napkins & tablecloths – will be more than sufficient for decorating your wedding. Sculptures, fountains, and golden chandeliers don’t do anything but drain the budget. This is a celebration of love & unity, and shouldn’t be a money pit.

3. Simple Food

No sit-down meals, no costly servers, no fillet-mignon served with a side of caviar. If you want to save money and really be successful with planning a wedding on a small budget, stick with a buffet-style dinner/lunch. Easily prepared, cheap foods will go a long way toward pleasing your quests. Not only that, but people love variety, which is the essence of a buffet!

4. Non-Elaborate Cake

A simple wedding cake is all you need. You don’t need a 9-tier cake with sparklers and highly detailed icing pictures of the bride & groom. Keep it cheap by keeping it simple with non-flashy wedding cake designs & decorations. To save loads of money and still be able to have fabulous designs and decorations, rent a fake cake from a specialty shop.

With just these 4 money-saving tips & techniques, planning a wedding on a small budget will be dramatically easier to do!