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Ultimate Guide To Wedding Dresses

Having watched several friends get married this year, I cannot stress the importance of the wedding dress and its ability to loom over the day, becoming the be-all and end-all. It is fair to say the first thought that comes to mind the minute that ring goes on the […]

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What To Expect When Finding Your Perfect Wedding Dress

You’re heading out in search of your perfect wedding dress, and you’re ready for a break from wedding planning and to be pampered at a boutique. But what really happens when you visit a wedding gown shop, bridal boutique, specialist store, or department store bridal department? Does the whole […]

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A Simple Guide To Wedding Dress Shapes

Did you know that there are several different wedding gown styles to choose from that will flatter different body shapes? While wedding planning, think about what you consider to be your best and worst features and try on one dress of each shape to ensure you are getting the […]

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Wedding Guest Etiquette You Should Know

As in any occasion or celebration, you necessarily have to consider the respective set of etiquette. The same goes when planning wedding ceremonies. In planning a wedding, the couple has to take into mind some important considerations regarding how the guests are to be invited or […]

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Rehearsal Dinner: Tips & Etiquette

No matter what kind of wedding ceremony you have, a small church wedding or an extravagant destination wedding, a rehearsal dinner plays an important part. Just like a major production needs a trial, the most important day in your life also requires a rehearsal to ensure […]

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Mother of the Groom Responsibilities 101

Your son and his girlfriend finally got engaged after three years of dating and have fixed their wedding date. Though nowadays, the bride and the groom take the whole responsibility of arranging the wedding, the groom’s mother also has some important duties. Following these mother-of-the-groom responsibilities is […]

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Wedding Guest Attire Etiquette & Guideline

Choosing the perfect wedding outfit can be a hassle, especially when there is no mention of it in the wedding invitation. Haven’t we all faced the situation where we have gotten the invitation for a wedding, happily circled the date on the calendar and even started […]

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Best Man Duties: A Simple Guide

The dictionary defines a best man as ‘the bridegroom’s chief attendant at a wedding’. So, for all the to-be-best men out there, who thought that all they had to do was dance with the bridesmaid and have a blast, it’s time for a wake-up call. […]

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Maid of Honor Responsibilities & Checklist

It’s not just pride and glory for having been chosen the maid of honor because with it comes the maid of honor responsibilities that, besides providing emotional support to the bride, involve helping her plan out her wedding. A maid of honor is a person that […]

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