Outdoor Wedding On A Budget: Location, Decor, Favors & Cake

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If you are planning to have your wedding ceremony conducted in an outdoor location with not much scope for spendings, you need to consider some outdoor wedding ideas on a budget. Outdoor weddings truly add a different mood to the wedding and make the occasions memorable throughout life. If you are thinking of outdoor weddings, your need to pay attention to the cost, as it can go much higher than expected. Following are few outdoor wedding ideas on a budget that you can consider while your at wedding planning stage.

Some Good Outdoor Wedding Ideas on a Budget

Wedding Location on a Budget

Those planning for an outdoor wedding need to give much importance to the location they are choosing. If you have a tight budget, you can consider the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception to be held at the same venue. Moreover, it will be all the more convenient for the invitees. The best and most inexpensive location for an outdoor wedding is the backyard. This option can only be considered if you have a big backyard of course. The beach and the park are other good choices when it comes to outdoor weddings. Whichever outdoor wedding locations you choose, simply make sure that all guests would easily make it to the venue on the wedding day, without any difficulties.

Wedding Decorations on a Budget

The best advantage of outdoor weddings is that you can make many decorations using nature itself, or sometimes do not even have the need for decorations. The decorations will also count on the month of the year the wedding is being held. Make sure the decorations are made in such a manner that they do not come off their place due to the breeze, or the candles do not go off, or something similar does not happen. Flowers are the best alternatives for decorations in outdoor weddings. You can also use wind chimes for the wedding decoration, just make sure that the wind does not cause them to make more noise. For adding a special glow to the wedding, you can use lantern lighting instead of the conventional ones.

Wedding Favors on a Budget

It is not necessary that for wedding favors you have to spend a lot. There are some appropriate and inexpensive choices for favors such as candles wrapped with ribbons, flowers with a thank you message for attending the wedding, pictures of the respective guests clicked while enjoying the wedding and signed by the couple, and similar other simple gifts. The wedding favors that you choose should be creative and have a personal touch to it. In case of a beach wedding, you can choose seashells as presents, after adding a personal touch to the favors. Similarly, many other simple and beautiful things are suitable to be given away as wedding favors.

Wedding Cake on a Budget

If you do not intend to spend much on the wedding cake, you can choose a two to three layered cake and add small flower petals as toppings. Keep the cake on a heightened table top, so that the presentation will be good. You can also ask the wedding administrators if they can arrange a light focus to be thrown on the cake, so that it will be the center of attraction. In order to reduce the expenses on the wedding cake, ask the cake shop to frost the cake and not decorate it, and also ask for butter-cream instead of fondant. Read more on cheap wedding cakes.