Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas and Considerations

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Outdoor weddings have become a kind of a trend among today’s soon-to-be-married couples. They are the best alternatives that can be used in experiencing the memorable occasion in a somewhat different and unique way. And when it comes to wedding, decorations play the most important role in giving it the character.

Considerations on Outdoor Wedding Decorations

It is not necessary that for decorating an outdoor wedding venue, you have to use expensive decorations and materials to enhance the charm of the place. You surely can use some simple and inexpensive outdoor wedding decorations to make the place look beautiful. However, while decorating an outdoor venue, you need to keep in mind that it is an ‘outdoor’ wedding. You have to make adjustments according to many factors such as the sunlight and breeze.

Outdoor Wedding Decorations

When it comes to decorating the outdoors, there is not much to do. This simply means that nature has its own decorations which we can use. This includes trees, bushes, flowers, and similar other things. You just have to make the place more beautiful according to your preferences. You need to consider the how hard the wind is blowing while making the wedding decorations.

In an outdoor setting, it is better that you use metal chairs which fold or simple plastic one’s. But make sure that the guests will be comfortable in the seating. Decorate the chairs using covers of different colors and patterns. You can use light strings to decorate the fence and lamp posts. The best idea is to use light strings wound around the branches of the trees and small bushes situated at the border of the aisle. Lanterns and hurricane lamps are most appropriate for providing lighting in outdoor settings, as they are less likely to blow off.

While using candles in decorating the centerpiece, make sure that they do not extinguished due to the wind. Use materials around the candles that will keep them well lit throughout. Colorful floating candles can be used for a poolside wedding. Another good option is to place inflatable items on the water; such as hearts, bells, balls, and other such wedding themed materials.

To make the venue more romantic and suitable for the occasion, you can use fabric draping. Organdy or tulle can be draped over all possible places at the venue. You can even use them on fences and over the doorways. Balloons can be used to decorate the wedding centerpieces. Tie balloons to the base of the centerpiece. You may also use balloons on the arches, columns, and behind the chairs of the guests.

You can consider pedestals with wedding flowers or candles, around the border of the venue, to create an attractive sight line. When using flowers in any decoration, ensure that they are secured properly, so as to prevent them from coming out. If you are thinking of summer outdoor wedding decorations, you may need to arrange for tents, so that the guests can comfortable be seated in.