Outdoor Fall Wedding & Decor Ideas

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Wedding is the best event that happens to anyone and the biggest as well! It’s a dream come true moment for the bride and the groom which they want to immortalize in hearts and add a wonderful memory to their life. But to plan a wedding, can make you run on your toes, mind you! There are number of things on to-do-list for wedding, that you have to take care of. It is fun, but it can freak out your minds at the same time. When to get married is another important question and I would say the answer is right here! I feel autumn and winters are the best seasons to get married. Autumns are cool and the climate is so super awesome that the wedding becomes a truly unforgettable occasion. Outdoor weddings are very popular and there are many unique outdoor wedding ideas out of which outdoor fall wedding ideas is one.

So, if you have planned your wedding now, in the fall season, then you are lucky enough! This article will surely help you. When we think of wedding plans, first thing that bothers us is the venue and the wedding theme. Outdoor fall wedding is the best theme you can opt for, if you have the budget query. You can cut down the costs and still rock your wedding! Make sure you use all the outdoor fall wedding decorations listed below, if not more!

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for Fall

  • To start of with, what you should do is enlist the to-do wedding list for your outdoor fall weddings. Right from wedding costumes to wedding decorations, catering to wedding arches to guest lists to shopping, the list is never ending…
  • A backyard at a friend’s place with beautiful green mats or a hill top or a lake view or vineyards or orchards, if you can arrange these, your venue is ready and half the battle is won. You can also book a local park for the same.
  • You can create your own outdoor fall wedding themes, may be something like a Christmas theme or a Gothic theme and mention it to your guests as well, so they can make the necessary preparations. Choosing a wedding arch appropriate to your wedding theme is pre requisite and there are many arch ideas you can opt for.
  • You can arrange tents or canopies in nearby vicinity in case weather spoils your wedding arrangements and decorations.
  • Autumn is characterized by cool climate so you can arrange some patio heaters from the market or arrange a fireplace, to make your guests feel warm, cosy and comfortable.
  • Rent chairs (folding one’s or padded one’s) and round tables from local shops, for your guests. Tie-back chairs are very popular. You can buy these.
  • When it comes to the attire, a wedding attire should be just perfect and should complement the outdoor fall wedding ideas and themes. Brides can buy nice satin wedding gowns, with or without sleeves. The grooms can go in for a wedding suit that complements the occasion. Carrying a stole or using a cashmere or a faux fur not only suits the weather, but enhances the look of the couple. The bridal clothes are always your choices, but make sure you wear fresh colors like the shades of blues, greens, pinks and whites, when it comes to bridal gowns.
  • As far as the menu of the outdoor fall wedding is concerned, it is the most essential outdoor wedding ideas for fall, so don’t compromise for this one. Make sure you arrange for appetizers, hot drinks, main course and desserts for your guests. Different types of soups served in hollowed pumpkins with mushroom ragout or wheat grain rolls works excellent for starters. Turkey roast or beef roast supplemented with seasonal vegetables is best for the main course along with some mashed potatoes. Apple cider is the traditional drink for outdoor fall weddings along with cinnamon stirrer in it. How about a delicious, yummy cake as a dessert? Wedding is incomplete without a wedding cake for sure! A pumpkin flavored cake or a spice flavored cake will be a perfect dessert. You can use pumpkin or an apple pie as replacers for cake. By planning a tasty and mouth watering menu, you can make your guests really satisfied and happy! Arrange for the best caterers in town for the same.
  • Disposable cameras or paper fans for your guests is an add-on to the list. You can place packets of tea or hot cocoa powder or cider mix, tied up nicely with ribbons on their tables.

When it comes to décor of the outdoor wedding ideas for fall, there are many outdoor fall wedding decorations, where you can put in your own creativity! The best part is, either way, your wedding will look colorful and will stand out!

Outdoor Fall Wedding Decoration Ideas

  • Honestly, nothing can replace the beauty of the nature during the autumns. The beautiful deciduous trees or the n-number of maples, they are just enough to charm the occasion. But you can add outdoor wedding decorations of your choice, if you wish to.
  • As I mentioned, a wedding arch can make your wedding even more beautiful. There are many wedding arch ideas you can go for to suit your theme.
  • You can place pumpkins or maple leaves randomly onto the floor. This is the perfect autumn theme. You can place fruits such as firm apples and pineapples as well.
  • Choosing the right fall wedding colors is as important as decorating the venue. Bright colors will do the trick for you. Avoid shades of dull colors.
  • You can decorate the chairs by covering them with white cloths and colored bows made of tulle and organza. You can also spray paint the white chair cloths with bright colors of orange or reds or yellows or chocolate browns.
  • Making use of fall wedding flowers like chrysanthemums or daisies or tulips or sunflowers will look amazing.
  • Spreading balloons of shades of red or yellow will look great as well.
  • You can lit round paper lanterns randomly or place cinnamon scented candles as fall wedding centerpieces on the tables. Placing flower bouquets will just do the trick and make everyone feel fresh. A flower kissing ball is what you can ask your florist to make and hang them.