Maid Of Honor Duties List: Assisting, Planning, and Co-Ordinating

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Maid of honor is undoubtedly the next best thing to the bride herself! So, if you have been chosen as a maid of honor, make sure you take your role very seriously. It is indeed a great privilege to stand by your friend throughout her wedding process, right from wedding planning to wedding reception. By choosing you as a maid of honor, your friend has entrusted you with a great responsibility. The duties of a maid of honor extend from simply being there on her wedding to being present everywhere whenever she needs you. Maid of honor responsibilities are mainly determined by the equation you share with the bride. If she happens to be your closest friend, then you will have to assist her at every stage of her wedding. Below are some common maid of honor duties that should give you an idea of what exactly is expected of you.

Planning Duties of a Maid of Honor

Assisting the Bride in Wedding Planning

The bride naturally is the most stressed-out person, managing several things single-handedly. Hence, offering her a helping hand during the wedding planning process wouldn’t harm her. Help your friend choose the venue, caterers, etc. Assist her in booking a florist, music band, and wedding photography. Besides, offer to help her send invitations by addressing the envelopes and dropping them in the mail. In short, volunteer to do anything that she might want you to, for preparing for her wedding.

Shopping with the Bride

It is considered as the responsibility of the maid of honor to assist the bride with selecting her wedding dress, accessories, etc. Fix her an appointment with the dress designer and accompany her to the trials. Also, help her select a hairstylist and makeup artist for her big day. Help her shop for her shoes, bridal jewelry etc. As a maid of honor, you should pay for your own dress and accessories.

Co-ordinate the Bridesmaids

It is your responsibility to coordinate other bridesmaids. Since you are acting as a chief, assign a role to each bridesmaid and supervise them. If the bridesmaids come from different towns and do not know each other well, help them to get acquainted with each other well. Fix a day for bridesmaid dress trials, and ensure you summon all the bridesmaids for trial on the same day.

Host a Bridal Shower and Attend Parties

You should host or co-host a bridal shower for the bride a few weeks before the wedding. This will help the stressed bride to unwind and let her hair down. This occasion is also important to help the other bridesmaids interact with each other socially. Similarly, be present for all pre-wedding parties and rehearsals.

Wedding Duties of a Maid of Honor

  • Supervise the wedding decorations and other preparations.
  • Help the bride to get dressed up.
  • Arrange for the transportation for the bridesmaids and ensure they reach on time.
  • Arrange the veil and train of the bride as she walks down the aisle.
  • Hold the bride’s bouquet and groom’s wedding ring during the wedding vows.
  • Sign as a witness for the marriage license.
  • Keep track of all the wedding gifts received during various occasions throughout the wedding and store them in a safe location.
  • Receive the guests during the reception along with bride, groom and the best man.
  • Give the maid of honor’s speech and wedding toast to the newly married couple.
  • Dance with the best man and other groomsmen.
  • Secure the bride’s train as she dances on the floor.
  • Pose for wedding pictures throughout the ceremony.
  • Help the bride change for her honeymoon and take care of the bridal gown while she is away.
  • Troubleshoot any problem that might arise during the wedding.

The most important of all duties of a maid of honor is to lend an ear to the bride when she becomes emotional and needs to vent her feelings. Be her pillar of support by keeping her calm and happy.