How To Romantically Renew Your Marriage Vows On Valentine’s Day

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You may have fought with each other over minuscule issues like the TV remote and oversleeping on weekends. But one aspect of marriage that often strikes a chord amongst couples is the renewal of the marriage vows.

No matter how much they fight, in times of crisis, couples in love tend to hold each other hands. Why not use this Valentine’s day to pledge your love for each other again and rekindle the fire?

Here’s How To Renew Your Vows On Valentine’s Day

Get New Rings

This time, pamper her with a platinum band with a solitaire to enhance its beauty. A solitaire with platinum work would be an ideal ring to decorate her ring finger. She would love the idea of renewing the vows with panache.

Same Venue

The venue should be the same place where you first got married. There will be a nostalgic feeling coupled with great expectations ahead. Ensure the venue is spacious and in proper condition to accommodate the guests and relatives.

Same People

Ensure that all the guests and relatives who attended your wedding are invited to the vow renewal. Relatives and pals would appreciate the idea of renewing the vows. Try to invite them personally to keep the occasion special, no matter how busy you are.

Propose Her All Over Again

Propose her again and now, legally. Go down on your knees and propose to her again. A tinge of public display of affection is always welcome. No matter how much you had uttered those magical words, repeat it before the guests with a bunch of red roses in your hand.

You can even surprise her with a floral shower with chrysanthemums and lilies that are considered ideal for the occasion.

Go ahead and make this Valentine’s Day something you will remember forever!