How To Pick The Perfect Sundress For A Beach Wedding

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When you think of beach weddings, sundresses are a hit. These give the much essential casual and beachy feel. These are amongst the truly feminine outfits that are perfect for the brides. Once you have arranged a beach wedding, it’s time to choose the right attire. Choosing the wedding dresses that will give you a perfect look and suit your figure is most essential. Here are some tips and information on choosing the best sundresses for beach weddings.

Options in Sundresses

Choosing the right piece from the various varieties available in sundresses for beach weddings is very important. Firstly make sure that the sundress you choose is not too revealing. Mostly you might find trendy sundresses for women in shorter lengths. You must buy a piece that is just a few inches above knees or longer than that. A tea-length sundress is the perfect choice for those who don’t want a short dress. Also a long bridal gown in a cool shade with an embellished halter pattern can make a perfect sundress for beach wedding.


While choosing the colors of sundresses for beach weddings you need to consider the wedding theme. Is there a color theme, are you supposed to dress up in a formal or casual attire? Are some of the points to consider. For a beach formal dress code, you can opt to wear summer suits or classy white formal summer wedding dresses. Colors need to be soft and cool, no matter what you are picking, a formal, or a casual beach wedding dress. Baby pinks, lemon yellow, lavender, shades of blue, soft green and white are popularly seen in beach wedding dresses with color. You can have a mix of shades to give your outfit a more casual look.

Add Frills

While choosing the patterns of sundresses for beach weddings, you have a lot of options. Frills are a big hit and popular in sundresses. You can have a frilled hemline or a neckline. An off shoulder sundress with frills at the neckline is sure to look gorgeous. Sundresses for beach weddings can have horizontal layers of frills starting at the waistline. Sometimes the waistline can be raised up, starting below the chest. This makes a very cute looking sundress.

Sleeve Patterns

Sleeveless sundresses are the best to be chosen for beach weddings. You can have thin-strapped dresses which look graceful. Also, those with wide straps are beautiful when paired with a perfect neckline. A strapless dress with dark border at the top and hemline is sure to look cute. You can also add a lovely belt to be tied back at the waistline. Strapless corset wedding dresses in this pattern look beautiful. You can add satin belts and a border to enhance the wedding dress styles.


Fabric for wedding sundresses must not be too thick. Those with a bit of glaze are a good choice for these. Sheer and semi-transparent fabrics are commonly used as wedding attire for beach wedding. Soft cottons and silks make some of the best sundresses. You can choose to add net and lace to the beach wedding dresses, thus beautifying them perfectly. Usually soft flowing fabrics are chosen for wedding sundresses.

Dress Pattern

A maxi dress is the best pattern to go for, if you want to wear a cute, decent look. You can also choose to wear a short little dress or tea-length dress with frills. That with cascading layers will make another classy piece. If you choose to wear a silk wrap dress, you will look like a stunning bride. Make sure it does not have funky prints. Apart from these you can go in for a long shift dress, sheath dress, or a lovely A-line dress.

If you want to look trendy and cool, sundresses for beach weddings are the best ones to opt for. Don’t forget to add lovely beach wedding flowers to your hairstyle. Choose a fabric color and sundress pattern that suits your complexion and body type well, and get ready to look a perfect bride.