How to Pick The Perfect Suit For Your Summer Wedding

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Shopping for a summer wedding dress is not a difficult task for the bridegroom, as many may wonder. Definitely choosing a perfect summer suit is essential to give him that classy look. A combination of the right fabric, perfect colors, and a suitable pattern is all that one needs to consider while choosing a piece from the various summer suits for weddings. Summer weddings mean hot and humid temperatures, so you must pick something that will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day. If you are one of those looking for a summer suit, keep reading to know more about the same.

Choosing the Best Suits for Summer Weddings

Best Fabrics for Summer Suits

To start with, you must choose a fabric that will not make you sweat. Linen is the perfect choice for summer suits. Though it creases soon, hence not considered as a formal wear in some places, but it is still a smart choice. It looks cool and will keep you relaxed. A linen suit can be perfect for formal or casual wedding attire. Apart from this, you can pick other breathable fabrics like cotton or cotton blends. Even some rayon blends are the best choices for summer suits for weddings. Don’t choose polyester or micro-fabrics as these will not give you that much needed comfy feel during the hot summers. You can choose some elegant looking fabrics for suit with pinstripes. Such fabrics add a stylish touch to the summer suit and can also be used for formal wedding attire.

Choosing Colors For Summer Suits

Colors play an important role in the overall appearance of your suit. Grooms might not have a too many options in colors as brides have, but there are definitely enough colors which can be considered while buying summer suits for weddings. Basically, you must go for shades that look cool and not flashy. Light colors are best ones for summer weddings. You can have a simple and decent looking plain white suit as well, which can easily coordinate with a white bridal gown. Cream, light tan, and light brown are other colors which grooms can opt for. Remember tans are becoming very popular for the summer suits as these make the suits look unique. Khaki or taupe are other shades that make elegant summer suits for weddings. Eggshell or silver can make some stylish summer suits for men. Summer weddings are the best time to experiment with cool colors and soft combinations. Like you can pair a sky blue colored long sleeve shirt with a light gray suit and don that perfect look.

Pick the Right Fit

Make sure that the suit you choose fits you perfectly. Don’t just pick one because you liked the color and cut, and later take it for alteration. Remember that you can’t alter the basic cut of a suit. Petite grooms can choose a single-breasted suit, as double-breasted suits will make them look even shorter. If you are opting for a suit with a vest, be sure that the vest has a full back and fits just below your pant’s waistband. This will help you look smart even if you take the jacket off. Choose from a single buttoned to a four buttoned suit. Make sure you’re comfortable wearing the jacket as you will need to hug, shake hands, and move around. So the coat must not restrict your movements.

With the tips we gave you above on summer suits for weddings, you might be definitely ready to shop. The suit is undoubtedly the most important part of mens wedding attire, so make sure you buy the right piece.