How To Pick Bridesmaid Dresses For Your Beach Wedding

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You are going to get married on the beach. Chances are it will be during the summer or late spring, when the weather is warmer. You have picked out your dress, now you have to select the color of your bridesmaids’ dresses. Consider the time of day of your wedding to pick out a color. Also, a beach is a natural setting so try to pick out a color that complements or enhances the environment.

Dark Colors

If you have a midday day or early afternoon wedding, darker colors will look dramatic against the sand and the sea. Dark colors also opt well with most skin tones. Should you have bridesmaids in your bridal party that have a variety of complexions, from ivory to olive to darker skin tones, go for a dark color. Most hot bridesmaid dresses will have come black in them. Hues such as emerald, crimson and black will lead for dramatic effects, especially during the bridal party’s photograph session.

Black Dress

A bride cannot go wrong with black for her bridesmaids’ dresses. Most women love to wear black because it looks sexy and it makes them feel great. If you want some black and white photographs taken of your bridal party, black will add the best contrast against the beach backdrop. If rocks are lined up against the beach, your photographer will have many opportunities to shoot some artistic, unique photos. For a little extra drama, you can have your bridesmaids tie a white sash around their waist and carry a bouquet of red roses. Formal bridesmaid dresses work well with glamour accessories like these.

What To Avoid

Avoid neon orange, yellows, lavenders and pinks. Those colors will stand out like Fruit-loops. If you have a bridesmaid who has a pale ivory complexion, she will fade against the background. If you have a bridesmaid with an olive complexion, chances are she will not be happy that you picked out orange. If your bridesmaids are older, chances are they will not enjoy wearing hot pink. Ask yourself if you are in your forties. Would you really love to wear a tasteless neon color to a midday beach wedding?

A Sunrise/Sunset Wedding?

If the wedding is scheduled for sunrise or sunset, then you can opt for a teal, rose or cyan. Those are colors that will look beautiful when the sun is not so prominent in the sky. During this time, ivory might also work, but consider again the complexions and personalities of your bridesmaids. Sometimes patterns might work on a dress, like a tropical flower or sea horse pattern. The patterns have to be subtle, and not tasteless like a Hawaiian shirt. If you can find a colorful pattern that blends with a dress, then you can consider that option.

Think Like An Artist

Your bridal party will be part of the canvas that is your beach wedding. Take some photos of the place where your wedding will be. Check out colors and hues online. Find colors you like. Go to a linen store one day with your girls and buy some colorful scraps of material. Listen to their advice but remember picking out a color for your wedding ultimately will be your decision. However, involving your bridesmaids in the process will make your beach wedding an event to look forward to.