How To Pick A bridesmaid Dress Color For Your Spring Wedding

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It is safe to say that old-style puffy and somewhat ridiculous looking bridesmaid dresses are gone forever. Whenever somebody mentions the word bridesmaid dress, immediately images of oneself wearing those frumpy, funny looking dresses spring to mind. Women no longer have to cringe at the invitation to be somebody’s bridesmaid.

Today’s Style

Nowadays sexy, sleek and sophisticated looking formal bridesmaid dresses have become the norm. They are acceptable for weddings as well as other semi-formal functions such as cocktail parties and dinners. These new designs come in bold colors and styles. One of the most popular colors for bridesmaid dresses is red and shades of red and blue.

Red Color Shade

The reason for its popularity is that red color comes in literally hundreds of shades. The proof of its popularity is that vendors sell huge amounts of dresses in these colors. Most women will have different coloring choices that will suit them. This way it is best to go online if possible, to see which type of color or shade is the most suitable for you. If red and its various shades are not for you, then going for a purple color may be more suitable for you. Some see purple as a good alternative to red. The reason for that is because, even though it is a bold and bright color like red, it does not have red’s sexual undertones. The downside with purple is that it can make people with pale skin look paler.

The Purple, Yellow, and More

No matter what type of color you choose, one of the good things about having a wedding during springtime is that you can choose between a lot of different colors. Apart from red or purple, colors such as pale yellow, pale green, and lavender are all good choices. These shades are called pastel shades and the reason for their popularity is that they do not look quite as “girly” compared to pink or even purple. These colors are generally more popular with younger bride’s maids.

What About Blues?

When it comes to deciding on colors for a springtime wedding, another color that is picking up on popularity is blue. Perhaps the reason may be, the weather is no longer dark and gloomy, and we can see the sky in all of its natural glory. There is nothing quite like a clear blue day and matching it with the right color can really add another dimension to your wedding. Along with blue, colors such as marine, aquamarine, navy blue and even turquoise are very popular springtime bridesmaid dress colors. Some of the other colors that are also popular are the so-called “fruity” colors such as orange and tangerine.

Let’s talk About Orange

Orange is in fashion now, and there are shades of orange such as peach and coral If you would like to match the greenery that is evident during springtime, then choosing a muted shade of clover would be an excellent idea. Spring is also a time of vibrant colors. You could complement that by choosing a bridesmaid dress with myriad colors.

These multicolored dresses are perfect for people who may not be into a completely traditional or conservative wedding.