How to Make Your Wedding Vows Something You’ll Remember Forever

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If you’re going the increasingly popular route of personalizing your wedding vows, you’re probably looking for some tips to make your vows as special, meaningful, and eloquent as you can. This is something that will take time beforehand so that you can prepare yourself and become completely comfortable with what you’re saying. Remember, you’re not just saying pretty words; you’re stating your wedding vows — words from the heart that aim to express, if only a fraction of how important this bond of love is to you.

The most important thing you can do is to rehearse your vows until you know them like the back of your hand. Work towards making the words sound as though they are as natural as if you’d thought them up right there and were speaking from that little touch of Shakespeare in your brain. This will diminish hesitancy and constant note-reading and will give a much more heartfelt impression.

Tips On How To Make Your Wedding Vows Memorable:

* Come up with certain “landmarks” within your vows that will act as mental cues to help you to continue without pausing to remember what comes next.

* Rehearse your vows out loud until you feel completely “conversationally comfortable” with them. This will make you feel secure in your words, and will help you to concentrate more on the way you are saying them instead of just remembering what you are saying. Rehearsing your vows out loud will also help you to trust yourself more with the words you’ve chosen, and you will feel much less artificial when the time comes that you say them to your future spouse.

* Keep eye contact with your future spouse. This is not only romantic to watch for those attending the wedding but will be all the more meaningful to your true love. And what’s more, you’ll find yourself feeling the full emotional force of your words as you gaze adoringly into the eyes of the one who is gazing adoringly back at you.

* Speak clearly, and be sure of your pronunciation before you get up in front of everyone.

* Remember that you aren’t the only one who is nervous. Smile lovingly, hold hands if appropriate, and truly feel the words you’re saying. Let your future spouse feel at ease because you love him or her just that much.

* Keep a good mental attitude. Don’t think to yourself, “How am I going to survive this?” Instead, think, “This is it; I’m joining with the person I love. This is the best day of my life.”

* Vary your voice tonality and speed as you say your vows. This helps you convey energy when you need to, and when you slow down, you’ll show true heart.

Practice your vows, be ready to say them, and you’ll find that you’ll be much less frightened, much more thrilled, and, above all, a true romantic. You’ll enjoy yourself a great deal more and will remember this tremendous moment forever.