How To Have An Elegant Wedding On A Small Budget

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If you have a smaller budget, you’re probably afraid that all of your guests will realize it. But honestly, a twenty thousand dollar wedding isn’t necessary. Many couples have done it for a lot less, and no one could tell.

What’s important

Like coming up with the original budget, you need to determine the most important things of the day. Do you want a designer dress? Must you have the reception at a fancy hotel?

Some things that you may want to spend money on are photography and rings. These are two things that you will keep long after the wedding day, so these are the things that should be number one on the planning list. Don’t skimp.

A cheaper ceremony

If you can have your ceremony outside, that can be the least expensive way. Not only are you able to take advantage of nature, but many of the times, it will be free for you to use. Places that may work are parks and botanical gardens, friends’ backyards, and beaches. Of course, these are rather a weather dependent, so you’ll have to have a backup plan as well.

Find someone that you know who is a minister to do the vows, and ask that their marriage gift be the fee. This is a perfect way to include your friend and save them the trouble of giving a gift.

Skimping on the reception

The best way to keep your costs low for the wedding is to have the ceremony and reception in the same area. Even if you have to pay a fee, it’s only once. Another way to cut down on reception costs is to have a light afternoon cocktail hour instead of dinner. You can serve appetizers and drinks instead of a pricey meal.

You don’t necessarily need a band to keep the fun going either. Many couples have found that a Spotify or Pandora playlist is just as good as a DJ.

Be creative when you go out and look for everything you need for your wedding. You’d be surprised at how many things you can save on. One couple made their own programs, and decorations, and had it at a friend’s house for about three thousand dollars. The guests exclaimed that they’d been to more expensive weddings that weren’t half as beautiful.