How To Have A Succesful Winter Wedding

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A winter wedding – outside?! It seems a contradiction in the making. But, with snow gently falling from the sky, creating a glistening white blanket across the ground, the trees and even your veil, it’s a magical scene where dreams come true – your wedding dreams, that is. It’s hard to think of a more romantic setting for a winter wedding. That’s why an increasing number of unconventional brides are foregoing the traditional spring and summer seasons and choosing an outdoor winter wedding that is simply breathtaking, creating a natural ambiance you just can’t get any other time of year. Warmed by your love, guests probably won’t even notice the crisp chill in the air. But just in case, here are a few tips to make your winter wedding a wonderland of beauty.

Keep It Simple:

If I were planning a winter wedding, the mountains or a park with lots of natural beauty or a gazebo would be my ideal locales. With a scene straight out of a painting, the bride and groom can stand beneath the snow-dusted tree branches on a blanket of snow. No decorations needed. Just be sure that the area will be easily accessible to your guests. If you want to exchange vows on a remote mountaintop that can only be reached by ski lift, it might be a good idea for the ceremony to be attended only by immediate family and celebrate with the rest of your family and friends at the reception.

Keep It Short:

Everyone knows the acronym KISS. But, in this case, it means “Keep It Short Sweetie!” Needless to say, it’s cold outside! The wedding ceremony should last no more than 20-30 minutes so guests can quickly retreat to the reception facility.

Keep It Stylish:

Inform guests in advance that this will be an outdoor wedding so that they can dress appropriately. This is a great time to bring out the fur coats, hats and scarves of the season. Just because they’re outside doesn’t mean they can’t still be warm and wonderfully dressed.

Keep It Snuggly:

For that warm and toasty feeling, rent space heaters and consider creating a u-shaped wall around your guests to create a barrier help hold the heat in while preserving the experience of being outside. There’s nothing like a little falling snow to set the mood. But if it’s going to be actively snowing, you might want to rent a full tent with windows so you can at least see the snow. Welcoming guests to the reception after the wedding with a warm beverage, like tea, coffee, hot chocolate, cider or a hot toddy, is also an excellent idea. You can even provide thermal hand warmers or snuggly throw blankets to guests while they’re waiting.

Keep It Snowy:

When planning a winter wedding, the theme pretty much takes care of itself. Incorporating a winter wonderland or festive Christmas theme is easy to do with flowers, attire and even winter-themed wedding favors. Instead of flowers, have bridesmaids carry a muff with a floral accent and drape them in wool capes. And, how about giving the guests snowflake candles or bookmarks as favors? Glistening long after your wedding, these snowflakes will inspire beautiful memories of your special day.

Outdoor Winter Wedding Tips:

>> If there is snow on the ground, be sure to clear a path or lay down some indoor/outdoor carpet for your guests to walk on.

>> Providing transportation, like a horse-drawn carriage, from the parking area to the ceremony cite is helpful.

>> As always with any outdoor wedding, have a back-up plan just in case the weather is undesirable.

>> Pay attention to the weather patterns in your area when selecting a date, and try to avoid the bone-chilling dead of winter.

>> Allow guests to wait inside the reception facility before the wedding and only take their seats outside about 10 minutes prior to the ceremony.