How To Decorate For A Beach Wedding Reception

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Regardless of the time of year, beach-themed weddings are always fun and exciting. They can add a warm tropical feeling to a winters day, or seaside charm to an inland summer wedding. Decorating your wedding reception with a beach theme is easy and inexpensive, and just a few items can go a long way.

A couple of major reception decorations will give you the most impact for your decorating dollar. Centerpieces and wedding favors are where you can really be creative. Many halls already have some decorations in place, and you can work around these to add your own personality to your wedding. For an effective beach feeling, make sure your decorations include shells, sand, and lots of blue.

Create miniature oceans with your centerpieces! Put some sand and small shells in a fish bowl and add water. Then put a floating candle in the bowl for a romantic centerpiece. You can either use regular white or colored candles, or you can look for shell shaped floating candles. Let small boats or tropical flowers float on the water if you don’t want candles.

Wedding favors are a popular way to say thank you to your guests for their love and support, and there are many favors available that are perfect for a beach-themed wedding. Options include shell shaped candles, sailboat picture frames, beach chair placecards, and starfish-shaped soaps. These are all wonderful ways to say thanks and to remind your guests of your special day.

For a fresh ocean feeling, make sure to incorporate a clear sea blue into your day. This color could be in your bridesmaids dresses, your table linens, or as part of your centerpieces or other table decorations. To complement the blue, add white and sandy tan colors. Light yellow is also a great accompaniment to this gorgeous blue color.

Everyone smiles at the thought of a seaside getaway, so add to the happiness of your wedding day with a fresh and fun beach theme! You can bring out beach balls to liven up the dance, start a conga line, and have the DJ run a limbo contest. Ask the caterer to serve up some tropical drinks, complete with little paper umbrellas, and you have the tropical beach wedding of your dreams!