how To Create The Perfect Spring Wedding Centerpieces

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Spring is an amazing time of year to celebrate new beginnings, and there are many ways you can bring the wonder of springtime into your wedding. Your centerpieces are a great place to start since they will be the focal point of every table at your reception and they are your best opportunity to add color to your wedding decor. Spring centerpieces are fun and exciting, just like the season itself!

First, you’ll need to narrow down the basic style you want… Are you looking for smaller arrangements that your guests can see over, ideal for smaller, more intimate tables? Or do you want the drama of tall and eye-catching decorations that will get people talking?

If flowers are preferred, there are a variety of plants that are associated with spring. The most obvious, and possibly the most colorful, are bulbs. Daffodils and tulips are the essential spring blossoms, and they are available in a variety of colors. They don’t really last well as cut flowers, but using them as potted plants with their flowers just opening can make for some stunning decorations. They can be displayed in decorative pots to match your preferences, and dressed up with some ribbon or tulle. Talk to your florist to find out what they offer well before your wedding date. Larger bunches of flowering bulbs will add more drama to your reception, but smaller bunches can add a simple, fresh look.

Other potted plant options include using lilies for weddings close to Easter, or shamrocks for events near St. Patrick’s Day.

Spring is the season of birth and growth, and seeds exemplify this theme. Some couples give their guests seeds of their favorite plants as wedding favors. One great way to do this is to incorporate them into the centerpieces. Fill a pretty glass bowl half full of decorative stones or small river rocks, then gently tuck individual packets of seeds between the stones. Your guests will know to each take a packet, and you still have the bowls to give to the lucky winners of the centerpieces. Instead of seed packets, you could also do this with tree seedlings so that each of your guests can plant a tree in honor of your love.

One note of caution when using plants or flowers, make sure that the items you choose aren’t heavily scented, especially if you’re having an indoor reception. Some flowers and candles can be very heavily scented, and some of your guests may have allergies to them. That’s one complication that you don’t want to worry about on your special day!