How to Create a Winter Wonderland For Your Wedding

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If you’ve chosen the wintertime for your wedding, you’ve got a wealth of planning and decorating ideas compliments of nature. The season lends itself to cheer, beauty, and light. Add the details of the season to create your own Winter Wonderland Wedding.

Let It Snow

If you’re aiming for authentic winter décor, you’ll want to include snow. No matter where you live, you can create your own snowscape indoors. Use batting or white stuffing from a craft store. Many stores also stock rolls of artificial snow with glitter already in it. You will also want to have spray snow from a can on hand. As long as you don’t go overboard, your touches of winter white will look elegant and charming. Lay snow down in areas where you’d like to create a vignette. Spray windows or glass hurricane vases with artificial snow. You can create a sign-in table that mimics a Dickens village by laying down rolls of cottony snow and placing porcelain houses around it.

Create A Village

Many online and discount stores sell inexpensive versions of butcher shops, bakeries, Victorian homes and candy stores done in miniature porcelain that you can easily light with a string of holiday lights. Run lights along the rows of buildings and push the lights inside them so they appear to be lit windows. Add mini snow-covered pine trees, wreaths and street signs all designed to go with scale of your village. This can be your sign-in or head table décor. This is a charming way to set the scene for your winter wedding decor.

Light Up The Night

To create a real wonderland, you’ll need lots of lights. You can opt for candlelight which always looks warm and inviting. These days there are many sources for artificial candles that look authentic. Artificial candlelight is a good way to go so you don’t have to worry about fire hazards. For areas like the head table, go ahead and opt for a candelabra decked out with small candles that will flicker through the night. In addition to candlelight, bring in mini holiday lights in strands. Go with all white for a cool, crisp finished look. String them along the head table and around any statuary or other stationary objects.

Let Sleigh Bells Ring

If you can borrow a sleigh (think farms, vintage shops, or historical societies) for your wedding, you will really add charm to the day. Fill the sleigh with empty wrapped boxes that look festive. If you can’t get your hands on an old sleigh, bring in children’s toboggans or wooden sleds and make a display. Old ice skates work well in the décor too. Include sleigh bells at each place setting. Attach one to each napkin with a pretty leather cord or velvet ribbon. Give out sleigh bells as favors.

Sing Carols

There’s no reason why you can’t sing holiday carols at your wedding. The bridal party can go around to each table caroling, or you can just have one big sing-along. Print words on old-fashioned stationery and hand out ahead of time at each table. If you’ve got a band, make sure they’re able to play all your favorite yuletide classics.

Your Gown

You and your husband-to-be can dress as wintery as you like. Opt for a gown made of velvet for a stunning entrance. You can wear a fur-trimmed hood and a muffler. Pin glittery jewels in your hair to give a twinkle of the night sky. Your groom can wear a charming wool scarf around his neck.

The Flowers

Think beyond traditional and opt for a bouquet trimmed in holly or include pine boughs. Pine cones make an interesting addition as well. You might dangle pine cones off your bouquet ribbons. A mistletoe kissing ball can be fashioned into a bouquet for you or your bridesmaids. You can also hang them at the reception for old world appeal.