Groomsmen Responsibilities 101

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The primary role of the bridesmaid and groomsman is to assist the bride and groom respectively during the wedding. The groomsman and bridesmaid are usually family members or close friends of the groom and bride. There is no limit on how many groomsmen will be there for the wedding. The number will depend on the size of the wedding, the wedding budget, and also on the preference of the bride and groom.

Have you ever been asked to be a groomsman? If yes, then you know how the moment you are asked to be one, your mind quickly wanders to the groomsmen’s responsibility and what you would be expected to do! So what are the groomsmen’s responsibilities for the wedding? What exactly is required from a groomsman?

What are the Responsibilities of a Groomsman

In ancient times, the groomsmen were actually guards of the groom, whose primary responsibility was to protect the groom and ensure that nobody prevented the groom from taking his rightful place beside the bride on the ordained wedding day. If these duties are expected from our groomsmen today, I’m sure no guy would be ready to become the groomsman! The responsibilities of the groomsmen today are far more simpler.

Before The Wedding

Before the wedding, the groomsman must help the groom get different wedding arrangements ready. He also assists with tuxedo shopping and alteration meetings and helps the best man organize the stag party or bachelor party. Moreover, it’s the groomsman’s responsibility to decorate the couple’s wedding car before the wedding. The groomsman helps the groom get dressed for the wedding. He also helps the groom relax and keep a cool head on the wedding day. He has to run around for every last-minute hiccups so that the groom will not have to be anxious about anything.

During The Wedding

At the wedding, the groomsman’s responsibility is to greet the guests and have them seated in the pews. If there are special seats reserved, he needs to make sure people for whom those seats are reserved are only made to sit there. Thus, ushering is also part of the groomsman’s responsibility. In Christian ceremonies, the bride’s side sits on the right and groom’s on the left. Thus, the groomsman should ask the guests which side they belong to before having them seated. People on wheelchairs or walkers must be guided sensitively. During the wedding ceremony, the groomsman has to stand next to the groom and cater to any immediate need that arises.

After The Wedding

Gift management is also part of the groomsman’s responsibility. He should know how to collect the gifts being given and where to pile them up. He should also have a plan ready as to how to pack the gifts quickly and have them delivered to the required destination after the reception. The next responsibility every groomsman will enjoy! It’s to entertain the bridesmaids at the wedding reception, dance with them, and take pictures with pretty bridesmaids!

    Wedding rehearsals and dinner rehearsals are important. If you are asked to be a groomsman, make sure you attend the rehearsal so you know what you are doing on the wedding day. Your responsibilities and duties should be clear in your head, because you do not want to screw up things at the wedding. Clarify all doubts before the wedding regarding your responsibilities. In a nutshell, as the groomsman, you are to ensure everything goes smoothly before, during and after the wedding.

    Moreover, on the wedding day, remain cool. Enjoy your role as a groomsman.