Flowers for Winter Weddings: Choosing the Right Winter Flowers

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Choosing flowers for winter weddings can be a lot of fun. Even though it is winter, you still have many great choices for your big day.

Regardless of the season, working with a qualified, professional florist makes a lot of sense. Your starting point for choosing flowers should be to research and select a florist.

He or she will be an essential part of helping you to narrow down your options for flowers while giving you ideas for arrangements, bouquets and centerpieces. This is one area that a professional can really help out.

As with any season, you will want to match your chosen wedding colors with the colors and style of your wedding flowers. While they don’t have to be identical colors, at a minimum, the flowers you choose should complement your overall wedding colors.

Here are a couple of ideas for choosing flowers for winter weddings:

Holiday Wedding Flowers

Getting married around the winter holidays opens up some great flower options. Christmas and New Years are two fun holidays that offer a chance for you to be creative with your wedding flowers.

Try combining your chosen flowers with other seasonal items for your wedding centerpieces. Pine cones, Christmas ornaments, wreaths and berries are all items that work well in centerpieces.

You can even add seasonal items to your bouquets to add a fun, holiday twist. Seasonal berries, holly and miniature winter items like snowflakes, pine cones and ornaments can add a little flair to the bouquets you and your bridesmaids will be holding.

For reception decorations consider using poinsettias by themselves. They can also be used as centerpieces by themselves or with other decorations.

Valentine’s Day Wedding Flowers

Most people think of roses for a Valentine’s Day wedding. Bouquets made with red roses can be stunning, and there is always the option to add an accent color like white.

Work with your florist to come up with flower combinations that include red and white roses. Many other accent flowers can be used if you don’t want to have bouquets with only roses in them.

Amaryllis is an example of a beautiful flower that can easily be combined with roses. Similar to a holiday wedding, other items can be included in your bouquets and centerpieces.

Hearts make great Valentine’s Day accent items, and they don’t have to be red. Consider using silver or even hearts made of Swarovski crystal to add elegance and sophistication to your bouquets.