Fall Wedding Decorations That Will Wow Your Guests

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Autumn is the perfect time for a wedding and the pleasant climate makes it ideal to hold the wedding ceremony and reception outdoors. Late August, September, October and early November are great months to hold a wedding outdoors. Outdoor fall wedding decorations are a little different from indoor ones as you can use a lot of materials that are inspired from nature and which blends well with the surroundings.

The location you choose for your wedding will determine to a great extent the kind of wedding decorations that would work well. A wedding ceremony that is held in a gazebo, with the reception in a garden can make the use of endless wedding decoration ideas. Here we will discuss some outdoor fall wedding decoration ideas.

Fall Wedding Decorations on a Budget

Just because you are planning a wedding on a budget, it does not mean that you can’t have beautiful outdoor fall wedding decorations. One of the best way to make sure that the outdoor fall wedding decorations looks beautiful and interesting is to stick to a wedding color palette or scheme. Choose three to four colors that is reminiscent of the fall.

Fall wedding colors like golden yellow, orange, peach, rust and even aubergine works great as a color palette for outdoor fall wedding decorations. Decoration ideas for outdoor weddings are many, and you need to choice the right one. Wedding decoration is not just limited to wedding centerpieces and flowers, so let us consider each element of outdoor fall wedding decorations one by one.

The wedding ceremony is the main event of the wedding and you will need to decorate the place where you will be holding it. A great place to hold an outdoor wedding event is in a gazebo or pergola. You can even set up a small open canopy to hold the ceremony. To decorate the gazebo or canopy, use wedding pew bows made of satin ribbons, tulle and lots of fresh autumnal flowers. Secure them all over the gazebo. You can also use fabrics like organza and sheer chiffons purchased in bulk to make beautiful outdoor wedding decorations for fall. Just drape these fabrics around the entrance of the gazebo to form an artistic archway where the couple can take their vows.

Outdoor Fall Wedding Decoration Ideas

We know how expensive fresh flowers can be and most of the time they form the chunk of wedding decoration expenses. Instead of purchasing expensive wedding flowers like yellow roses, lilies and orchids, invest in some relatively low cost wedding flowers like daisies, geraniums, peonies and chrysanthemums. These flowers will look stunning in outdoor fall wedding decorations and they come a lot cheaper too.

One way to reduce the cost of outdoor fall wedding decorations is to use non floral centerpieces for wedding. Vegetables and fruits that are hardy can be carved into beautiful centerpieces for the wedding reception. This is one of the best fall decorating ideas for weddings. These wedding centerpieces blends in very well with the autumn colors and are unique and creative. Some good vegetables and fruits that can be chosen for centerpieces are pumpkins, butternut squash, watermelon and pineapple.

One of the most unique outdoor fall wedding decorations on a budget is to decorate the wedding reception with bright hanging lanterns that are hung between the branches of trees. During the evenings these softly lit lanterns will fill the place with a soft glow, lending a dream like atmosphere to the wedding. Another cheap fall wedding decorations is to place large hurricane lanterns with floating candles and beautiful flower petals all around the wedding venue.

These were some outdoor fall wedding decorations that you can use for your wedding. Make use of autumn colors and fall wedding flowers for outdoor fall wedding decorations and see how the wedding venue comes alive with a riot of colors. Work with what nature has to offer during the fall, and you will have a wedding that is memorable and beautiful.