Creating Memorable Winter Wedding Centerpieces

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Winter is a beautiful time for any kind of celebration including weddings. This refreshing season of beautiful winter flowers like roses, carnations and poinsettias make the wedding ceremony, a truly memorable one. Winter weddings are a really wonderful experience, and elegant wedding decorations that reflect the charming beauty of the season can offer a ceremonial touch to the wedding celebration. Decorations for a winter wedding are quite easy, as you can creatively make use of a wide variety of colorful flowers and fruits of the season.

When it comes to decorating the reception area, wedding decorations can’t be complete without the addition of wedding centerpieces. Beautiful wedding centerpieces offer an appealing and welcoming touch to the wedding venue. You may go for traditional wedding centerpieces such as floral arrangements, or you can create some unique centerpieces with your imagination. Here are some creative ideas for making beautiful winter wedding centerpieces.

Winter Wedding Centerpieces

For making winter wedding centerpieces, you can choose beautiful winter flowers, fruits, candles, ornaments, colorful ribbons, fabric and even snowflakes. You can use a beautiful combination of rich colors such as icy to royal blue, refreshing dark green, rich cranberry or dark burgundy. You can decide on a particular color scheme such as emerald and cranberry or midnight blue and silver for the wedding ceremony. If you have selected any specific wedding theme such as a Christmas theme or a winter wonderland, then the wedding centerpieces should reflect the theme.

Vibrant flowers are often a classic choice for making the wedding centerpieces. The blossoms of beautiful flowers like roses, carnations, tulips, orchids as well as various winter flowers such as holly, ivy, pussy-willow and dogwood during the winter, offer a unique opportunity to create some fascinating centerpieces. Choose the colors of the flowers according to the wedding theme. If you have selected a winter wonderland theme, then go for white or pale blue silk flowers arranged in a silver vase.

If the wedding is based on a holiday-inspired theme, then flower arrangements should include holly berries, evergreen pine cones or red blossoms. You can arrange the flowers imaginatively or take a florist’s help. You can also use silk or dried flowers for making long-lasting centerpieces. Use of colorful ribbons or ornaments add a decorative touch to the centerpiece.

Use of real or artificial fruits is another fantastic idea for making the centerpiece. Real or plastic cranberries or any colorful fruits placed in decorative glasses or glass vases give an appealing look. Another wonderful idea is to fill the glass bowls with glistening plastic fruits and place them at the center of the reception table.

If you have selected a Christmas theme for the winter wedding ceremony, then you can opt for centerpieces made of pine wreath and a red or white candle. You can decorate the wreath with bead garlands and other ornaments. Use of candles of various shapes and sizes is an excellent idea to create a unique centerpiece. Candles add a sense of beauty and sophistication to the reception table. A really exclusive-looking centerpiece can be made by placing floating candles in a decorative crystal bowl.

Miniature faux Christmas trees can make excellent centerpieces if the wedding ceremony is during the Christmas season. Purchase small Christmas trees sprayed with white coating. You can decorate these trees with small Christmas balls, ribbons, Christmas ornaments and colorful lights. You can opt for other decorative trees like wire sparkle trees, lace covered cone tree, glitter vine or twig trees and ornamental trees.

Snow globes and snowflakes can make lovely centerpieces too. Use of miniature versions of winter items such as sleighs or sleds, is a wonderful idea for making winter wedding centerpieces. You can fill these winter items with mints, nuts, candies, or attractive silk flowers. Arrange winter animal figures such as polar bears, penguins or winter birds on a stemmed platter. You can also use snowballs, snowflakes or miniature reindeer in the centerpieces.

Adding some exceptional winter wedding centerpieces can help create a refreshing, ceremonial atmosphere for the winter wedding ceremony and make the guests feel special.