Choosing Your Bridal party & Guests For Your Beach Wedding

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After the romantic proposal, the engagement announcements, and choosing the location, there comes the time when you need to decide who will join you on your big day. This decision is often made easier or more difficult when you choose to have a beach wedding, depending on how far that location is from home, how much it will cost others to attend the festivities, and whether or not there will be a reception at home to follow.

Though this is an arduous task, any way you look at it, the best way to begin the process is by choosing who will stand at your side on the day in question.

Odd or Even In Your Bridal Party

A traditional ceremony includes bridesmaids and groomsmen, the numbers of which will even each other out. However, no one said that you have to be traditional. Choosing to have a beach themed wedding was not sticking with classic themes, so why start now? Therefore, feel free to have your husband, as well as yourself, choose just the people you feel deserve the honor and who you want there with you along the way. If these numbers end up being slightly odd in comparison, it shouldn’t be a serious issue.

If you need the even look out in order to make your photos feel right, or you simply crave a touch of the traditional, it may make this process more difficult, but you certainly shouldn’t have trouble finding an ample number of people willing to enjoy the fun and sun of a beach wedding, while standing in your honor.

To Travel or Not to Travel, That is the Question

Though many would be hard pressed to say no to a fun get-a-way, money can become an issue when having a destination wedding. You will not be the only one having to fork over the cash, so remember not to be insulted in friends or family have to say no when invited to join the party. If you find that a large number cannot attend, it might be better to consider a second reception at home. This second festivity does not have to be pricey, but it can be a way to allow all to join in your celebration, without asking them to spend too much money.

For those who are able to travel for your big event, try to keep things as easy as possible. Most tropical resorts, for instance, will reserve a certain number of rooms for guests at a special price for weddings, thereby making it easy for your guests to be sure they are at the right resort and nearby the rest of the guests in attendance.

Friends and Family Come First

Remember when making your guest list to not become overwhelmed with the process of narrowing your list. Begin with the family and closest friends and then add names only until you reach the desired size of guest list. It is your wedding day and you should not feel pressured to invite people who you have not seen in many years, nor to weed out those who are close friends in order to make room for others who are seen as less closely affiliated with you and your future husband. Though it would be nice to be able to invite everyone we know to our weddings, this is not always possible, nor does it make for the nice, intimate beach wedding that you are striving for.

Extra Invites in Hand

It is always better to have a few extra invitations printed just in case. If, for instance, a couple tells you far in advance that they will not be able to attend, then you will have space for another couple that had been debated upon earlier. Or, if you, for some reason overlooked someone, this is a way to avoid an uncomfortable situation later.

Though a location can be the ideal backdrop for your once in a lifetime moment, it is the family and friends you surround yourself with that will make the memories worthwhile. So, take your time and choose those that mean the most, that will make your day extra special, and who will share in the fun that you hope to have during and after. May your wedding day be the perfect beach getaway.