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Stepmother Wedding Etiquette 101

Dealing with stepmothers can be a difficult situation. A lot depends on how the stepmother and biological mother get along. If the two mothers get along, then the wedding can be planned however the couple wants. However, this is a rare thing. If there is […]

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Top 5 Wedding Etiquette Dilemmas: Solved!

As one of the biggest and most potentially stressful events of your life, getting engaged and subsequently planning a wedding brings with it an onslaught of questions. As times change and weddings evolve, traditional rules of etiquette have followed suit, only adding to the confusion. […]

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Wedding Gift Etiquette 101

It is customary to celebrate joyful events in life by giving gifts. The gift-giving opportunities are abundant in a wedding from the time of engagement till the end of the reception ceremony. Choosing a gift for the happy couple should be an enjoyable experience. Whatever […]

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Wedding Invitation Etiquette – Dos and Don’ts

They provide the first glimpse into your wedding, but ordering, wording, and addressing invitations can be confusing without a little guidance. This list of wedding invitation etiquette dos and dont’s will help steer you through this common wedding etiquette dilemma. Invitation Etiquette – The Dos: […]

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Rehearsal Dinner Etiquette 101

When your wedding is right around the corner, there are several emotions that you’re experiencing at the same time. Of course there’s nervous excitement about starting your life together and anxiety about the responsibilities that’ll follow. Plus the overwhelming responsibility of actually planning and hosting […]

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