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Wedding Dance Etiquette You Should know

Although the ‘old’ days had a very basic structure to the wedding schedule of events, times have changed, and those rules don’t always apply anymore. So, when it comes to who dances with whom, there are multiple answers. The Traditional Wedding Dances It should go […]

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Wedding Etiquette – Who Pays for What?

A wedding is one of the most important events in the couple’s lives. Celebrating a wedding on a lavish scale can cost the couple and their families a large amount of money. The traditional wedding etiquette in many places was that the bride’s parents had to pay […]

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Wedding RSVP Etiquette: Tips You Should Know

Along with the other aspects of the wedding, like the catering, invitations, decorations, etc., little RSVP notes or the wedding response cards must be prepared by following proper RSVP etiquette. RSVP notes or response cards whose initials are abbreviated from the French phrase Repondez S’il Vous […]

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Wedding Guest Etiquette You Should Know

As in any occasion or celebration, you necessarily have to consider the respective set of etiquette. The same goes when planning wedding ceremonies. In planning a wedding, the couple has to take into mind some important considerations regarding how the guests are to be invited or […]

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