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Beach Wedding Attire For the Bride & Groom

Wedding day is perhaps the most special day in a woman’s life. With destination weddings becoming the in thing these days, many women look forward to just taking off to an exotic location on their wedding day and taking their vows there. Of course, a […]

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5 Flower Ideas For A Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are the best solution for those who wish to have a simple, small wedding amidst the Earth’s natural beauty. Having a wedding on the beach always etches gloriously beautiful memories not only on the married couple’s hearts and minds, but also on those […]

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A Guide To Sundresses for Beach Weddings

When you think of beach weddings, sundresses are a hit. These give the much essential casual and beachy feel. These are amongst the truly feminine outfits that are perfect for the brides. Once you have decided to arrange a beach wedding, it’s time to choose […]

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Beach Wedding Colors

Colors, no doubt add the glamor to your wedding but also set the mood for the occasion. You can define yourself and express your feelings by choosing the right wedding colors. You have the wide array of colors to use your creativity when it comes […]

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Beach Wedding Ideas

There can be nothing more romantic than a couple taking wedding vows, with a sunset at the background and the sea waves noisily surfing up the sand. If this is how you always visualized getting married, then beach weddings are just meant for you! They are exotic, […]

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Beach Wedding Ideas On A Budget

Maybe it is the influence of the many romantic comedies that feature beach weddings like 27 Dresses, and The Shrink is In or maybe it is just the logical culmination of lifelong dreams that people have of getting married at their favorite vacation spot. Whatever […]

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