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Beach Wedding Reception Ideas & Tips

A wedding reception is the event that follows the marriage ceremony. This party is arranged for receiving the newly married. Beach wedding reception ideas are fascinating and leave a long lasting memory in the minds of the newly married couple and guests. It will be […]

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Tips On How to Plan Your Beach Wedding

The urge to make weddings less traditional and more passionate or romantic has led thousands of couples to make weddings on the beach less uncommon today than it used to be. With the heaving ocean in the background, it is difficult to find individuals who […]

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How To Plan The Perfect Bahamas Beach Wedding

Does your fantasy wedding take place on a powdery white beach with a backdrop of crystal clear water and blue sky? The Bahamas provides not only picturesque scenery, but also an average year-round tropical climate of 83 degrees F/28.5 degrees C. Romance is inherent in […]

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How To Decorate For A Beach Wedding Reception

Regardless of the time of year, beach-themed weddings are always fun and exciting. They can add a warm tropical feeling to a winters day, or seaside charm to an inland summer wedding. Decorating your wedding reception with a beach theme is easy and inexpensive, and […]

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4 Tips For The Perfect Beach Wedding

Tropical weddings are a growing trend in the wedding planning industry. Destination weddings, beach wedding specifically, have become increasingly more popular over the last few years. Couples are looking for more unique (and sometimes less expensive) ways to get married. Tropical weddings are the perfect […]

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