Can’t Make It To A Wedding? Proper Etiquette Tips

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Being invited as a guest to a wedding is lovely, but maybe there’s a conflict, and you cannot be the guest at a wedding because of some issue. It could be due to a sick parent or a prior commitment that you cannot cancel. Yet, if you are close to the pair and cannot go to the wedding, you should always present a gift to the happy pair so that you can still be at the wedding in spirit.

As always, one consideration remains, what is the right wedding gift to give if you cannot make it to the celebration? This is a thing people worry about, and it is definitively up to the individual that has to decline the invite if he or she decides to get a wedding gift or not. If you can’t make it to the festivities, you have the choice – whether you want to give a present or not.

The most suitable gift that applies hinges on the relationship to the bride and groom. If you are closely related to one of the soon-to-be-spouses and know you can’t attend, then you should offer a gift to compensate for the lack of your presence. However, if you are not very close to the couple, you can decline the invite and advise of why you are absent from the event.

The vital thing to remember is to advise the bride and groom that you cannot come to the occasion and give a believable reason. It is crucial to offer a legitimate reason for celebrating the biggest happening in someone’s life.

That’s the reason people always put RSVP on a wedding invitation. This is the French way of asking people to answer the message as soon as possible to advise if they can make it or not.

As far as the wedding gift goes, generally, folks also give gift cards to the lucky couple to celebrate their nuptials at a select place, whether a spa or a hotel.

Additionally, if you know you’ll miss the blessed event, you may look into making a video message to give all of your congratulations to the couple and include the reason why you couldn’t get to the big occasion. You can be certain that it will be very appreciated by the pair, and they will remember your unique gesture.

You can also send a greeting card to the newlyweds, ensuring that the message is genuine and thoughtful. To do something unusual, you can hire a singing crew and structure your message like a singing telegram to be more memorable. It’s a little thing you can do to embellish their special day as well, and is sure to be kept in their hearts. Naturally, you can always choose from the more time-tested wedding gifts.

You’ll need a genuine reason for not being part of such an important celebration. The critical part is that you do what you can to ensure the couple is aware that you support them. You may choose gift certificates or a traditional card, but the basic thing is just letting them know that you cannot get to the wedding and the reason behind that.