Bridal Style & Accessory Ideas For A Beach Bride

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Your man has popped the question and through tear filled eyes, you managed a choked, “yes” before throwing yourself into his arms for a long and heartfelt hug. Now, it is time to plan that big day and if you are like thousands of American women you are likely to be headed to a special, sandy spot for your once in a lifetime moment.

Beach destination weddings have become a major trend in the last decade, and why not? The sun, the fun, and the carefree, loving attitude are all factors to embrace in locations like this. It’s no surprise that you have found yourself drawn to the water and the waves. It isn’t enough to choose a spot, however. There are many decisions to be made for your big day. The first and most important is how you will become the most beautiful you that you can possible be.

The Dress

It is typically assumed that a beach wedding will take place in the warm summer months- especially if the beach is located away from the tropics- therefore, you will want to choose a dress that will keep you cool and comfy under the sun’s rays. You will likely want to avoid excess layers of fabric, which might look nice in a traditional church or outdoor wedding, but would be too stiff and hot on the beach. Instead, opt for light and airy fabrics, choices that will move with the breeze and with you as you walk toward your new partner. It is this style- short or long- that will pay homage to the location you have chosen.

The Hair

As with the dress, choosing a stiffly styled hairdo will not work in this setting. The beach is where people instinctively expect to see a more natural, free look. So feel free to wear your hair a little looser. Let loose strands blow in the breeze and playfully tickle your neck shoulders and back. It will provide a more casual, beach-y feel. Those with longer hair may want to avoid an all down ‘do as well because fighting to keep the hair out of your face during the ceremony might take away from it.

The Shoes

Who says you needs shoes to get married? There is definitely not a “no shirt, no shoes, no service” policy when it comes to wedding ceremonies, and being barefoot on the beach is spectacular. So, you may want to opt away from footwear and instead focus on the perfect polish. For those who simply need shoes to say “I do” consider something less formal and easy to walk in. Sand can be tricky to navigate in any footwear. Heels will not fare really well, so stilettos might not be the best option. Simple sandals or even fancy flip flops, though, can look great and ensure you make it to your man.

The Bouquet

When everything else is so loose and free, why not the flowers? Rather than tying up the traditional tightly packed bouquet, why not opt for something a little less formal for your beach wedding? A few loose orchids on long stems can be a gorgeous option for the tropical setting, or daylilies in the north.

The Accessories

Once you have the dress, the ‘do and the bouquet in hand, you will want to be sure you have the appropriate bling- that is jewelry- to adorn your gorgeous reflection in the mirror. Pearls would be a lovely pick for a beach wedding. However, to stick with the theme denoted by your location, you might also choose something a little less common like a strand of sea shells or sea glass. Keep your pieces small and simplistic to match the look you have already achieved with your dress and hair.

The Tradition

Before you rush to the aisle, don’t forget those last minute traditions that can make your day extra memorable. “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” is a saying you have likely heard and it holds special meaning on your big day, so make sure you fulfill each before meeting your man before the alter. For instance, an antique ring, a new set of pearls, a light blue garter, and a borrowed hairpiece could fit with your beach ensemble.