Beach Wedding Ideas

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There can be nothing more romantic than a couple taking wedding vows, with a sunset at the background and the sea waves noisily surfing up the sand. If this is how you always visualized getting married, then beach weddings are just meant for you! They are exotic, romantic, beautiful, unique and the best part is, you do not need to spend much on the décor! The splendid natural scenery around is enough to keep the guests mesmerized. Still, since its your wedding day, you can always make use of the beach wedding ideas given below, to make it more special!

Fabulous Beach Wedding Ideas


The invitations for a beach wedding should serve as a prelude to the wedding. So, make use of beach wedding colors such as green, blue, sandy brown and white, which will remind the guests of the sea. You can even put some white sand in each of the invitations to make them look authentic. A fun idea for beach wedding invitations is to design them in unusual shapes such as like a starfish or flip flops. If you are looking for some cheap beach wedding ideas for invitations, get hold of a few vacation postcards which have a picture of a beach on them, and send it as invites.


To make your beach wedding decorations stand out, make use of things like seashells, pearls, marbles, corals, driftwood, oars, surfboards, prompts of star fishes and mermaids, sand, basically everything associated with the sea. You can make some amazing centerpieces if you creatively use seashells, pearls and wildflowers. You may read more on ideas for beach theme weddings. For those of you looking for beach wedding ideas on a budget vis a vis centerpieces, you can simply keep candles on the table which smell of tropical fruits. If the wedding is in the night you can put up flaming tiki torches all around the venue. Lining the aisle with pearls and seashells will lend it an amazing look, so this is another of the things that you can do for wedding decorations.


A beach wedding attire, in comparison to the dresses worn in a traditional church wedding, is much more lighter and simpler. There is just one word to describe beach wedding dresses for guests i.e. casual! Men can wear half-pants with flower printed shirts, while women can opt for floral summer dresses or knee length skirts with spaghetti tops and lots of chunky jewelery. The groom can wear a pant and a shirt made of breathing fabrics like cotton and linen, in cream or beige color. He can go barefoot or strap on leather sandals. The bride can either go in for knee length dresses in pastel shades or if she wants to be experimental, she can opt to wear a white sarong. As far as accessories to go with the wedding dress are concerned, she can wear jewelery made of pearls, seashells, corals or even diamonds!

Wedding Cake and Menu

Seafood is the easiest to arrange as well as looks great on the menu of a beach wedding. For drinks, you can keep coconut water and beer. Pay special attention to beach wedding cake. A good idea in this regard would be to design the cake in the shape of a sandcastle. You can keep things like sailboats, palm trees, dolphins, seashells, seahorses and starfishes as wedding cake toppers. Make use of the colors of the sea like beige, green and blue while decorating the cake.

These are some unique yet simple beach wedding ideas. Some other things that you can do to bring forth the beaches theme is to have a large sandcastle build at the wedding venue or take your vows in a tiki hut decorated with wind chimes and paper lanterns. For wedding favors, you can give each of your guests a bouquet of the exotic beach wedding flowers like muscari, astrantias and wildflowers. In the end, to ensure that nature does not play spoilsport on your D-day, make sure to keep a check on the weather conditions!