Beach Wedding Flowers – 5 Ideas For Your Beach Wedding

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One of the highlights of having a tropical wedding are beach wedding flowers. Many tropical locations have unique colors and flowers varieties only found on islands like Hawaii and the Caribbean. Even if you aren’t having your beach wedding on an island, it has become relatively inexpensive to find them on the mainland as well.

The first step in picking your flowers is knowing what types are available where you are getting married or what can be imported to your location. Local styles and customs will also change depending on where you are. Once you know what is available at your wedding location, you can plan your flower budget accordingly. Working with a florist or local wedding planner or expert can help tremendously in this area.

Knowing what is available will also help with deciding your wedding colors for decorations and bridesmaid dresses. Some tropical locations have flowers and colors are unique to it which might open up different color schemes to choose from. Listed below are five beach flower ideas to get you started:

Hawaiian Wedding Flowers

Hawaii is known for beautiful flowers, and there are several fun, colorful options for your wedding flowers. Leis are probably the best known Hawaiian tradition that can easily be added to your wedding day. Also a Hawaiian tradition, a Haku wristband, headband or anklet is another Hawaiian tradition that you could use to sprinkle color and uniqueness to your wedding.


These colorful flowers are very resilient and can withstand hot, tropical weather. Typical colors include white, yellow, pink, pale green and purple. Use them alone or with other colorful flowers to create stunning bouquets. They can also be part of your ceremony and reception decorations.


Typically found in red or pink, tropical hibiscus will add color and class to your wedding. Many island brides match hibiscus red with their bridesmaid’s gowns and wedding accent colors. Hibiscus can be used by themselves in bouquets or paired with other tropical flowers like orchids or lilies.


Heat resistance is just one of the reasons that make lilies a favorite among beach brides. They are also striking beautiful when used in bouquets or by themselves as decorations. Many brides choose bouquets of white, sometimes accented with red roses or other flowers. Other popular lily colors are pink and yellow.


Popular for any wedding, roses do very well in hot climates which make them a popular choice for beach weddings. Use bouquets of red roses, or combine them with other beach wedding flowers like lilies or bird of paradise. As you probably already know, roses come in more colors than red. Try mixing white or yellow roses in with bright, tropical flowers.