Beach Wedding Attire Ideas For The Bride, Groom & Guests

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A wedding is that one day when nothing else matters. That one day when no one else matters. Just the bride and the groom. And a lot of wedding planning goes into making the wedding a perfect day. Planning a wedding means deciding on so many small, big, important, unimportant things. What makes the entire process easier, is if you pick a wedding theme and stick to it. And one of the most fun wedding themes to choose is, a beach wedding. And one of the most important things to decide for a beach wedding is the beach wedding attire! This article will let you know the entire beach wedding attire that you can plan for your wedding. And if you’re planning to attend a beach wedding, it’ll give you ideas for that as well.

Beach Wedding Attire for Groom

If you’re a groom-to-be at a beach wedding, then you’re luckier than other grooms, in so many ways, that you can’t even imagine them. First of all, you don’t have to get into a tux! Second of all, you don’t have to get into a tux! Since it’s a beach wedding, it’ll most definitely be a sunny day. So you can go in for light material pants and a shirt. Cotton and linen are the best breathing fabrics that will keep you comfortable in the sun. Just make sure they don’t look extremely casual. It IS your wedding day after all! Dress slacks in light colors like beige or cream, teamed with cotton dress shirts in a similar color tone or a Bahama style shirt with big, vividly colored flowers will give you that Hawaiian look! Going barefoot can be an awesome experience, but you can strap on some leather sandals in beige or brown and take them off later after the ceremony.

Beach Wedding Attire for Bride

Aah! What a relief you must be feeling that your fiancé agreed for the beach wedding. Now you don’t have to worry about a fluffy wedding dress with a long train that you’re sure you won’t be able to handle. If you want to maintain the traditional white color, you can go in for a pretty tea length wedding dress instead of a long and flowing wedding gown. It will help you walk easily on the sand AND you can flaunt your gorgeous wedding shoes! If you’re open to trying out colors for your wedding dress, then go in for a pastel shade and match them with a string of pearls or some stunning diamond jewelry. Alternatively, you can go for a dazzling white satin sarong and team it with a bright colored scarf. The key is to keep it simple yet elegant, all the time co-ordinating it with the beach theme decoration that you so intricately planned out.

Beach Wedding Attire for Guests

If you’re a guest at the beach wedding then these tips on beach wedding guest attire should help you.

Beach Wedding Attire for Men

If you never thought the words casual and wedding could ever go together, you obviously never attended a beach wedding. A beach wedding is all about casual wedding attire. Dressing for a beach wedding is not a difficult task, because all you have to do is wear a pair of comfortable, semi formal, lightweight pants and a pleasant light weight, bright shirt. Flip flops that look casual but elegant will do.

Beach Wedding Attire for Women

You’ll be relieved that your friend opted for a beach wedding. No long gowns that are too difficult to manage and no hours and hours of smiling while your feet hurt because you’re wearing high heels! Here are some great ideas for dresses to wear to a beach wedding. Throw on a pretty skirt with a floral print, wear a spaghetti strap top, leave your hair down loose and wear big chunky earrings and a bracelet. Carry a small purse with just the necessary items in it. Floral summer dresses in vibrant colors will also be a great ensemble to attend a beach wedding in. Wear some pretty flip flops or flat sandals to complete the outfit. Keep the make up to a minimum because there are chances you’ll feel like a dip in the cool water after the ceremony.

I hope the above tips for beach wedding apparel has helped you make up your mind. Now you know what beach wedding attire is all about. So go ahead and thoroughly enjoy the wedding, whether you’re participating or merely attending. Who cares! 🙂